Check your luggage


Check your luggage for SCORPIONS… I finally got everything out to pack for the trip… and a few minutes later- we saw something laying on the carpet. I asked my daughter what it was, and I was just before picking it up, when I realized what it was. Well,I got a shoe and hit it. It coiled its back, and the beating continued… Once it was done, I put it in a shoe box and ran to the trash with it…EEEEWWWWWW YUCKKKKKK!!! I am freaked out right now… They are very dangerous in my area. I have seen one in my yard (we live near a lake), but never upstairs inside the house… GROSSS!!!

Everyone be careful- they may not be dangerous, but they can be deadly. I do not want to get close enough to see if it is dangerous- let the VACaTION begin!


Reading that gave me chills and I’m not usually that squeemish. Glad you took care of it quickly.


Oh, couldn’t you have picked it up and set it free?


sorry dopey- not in a million years! I wanted to start my vacation right- not at a funeral home.


Do you think it came out of the luggage, or it just got into the house somehow? If it was in the luggage, where did you have it stored? That would have totally freaked me out!!:ohmy:


Well, I have an overhang in our bedroom, that is a storage closet off our bedroom. Our luggage stays in there… I am not sure that it came from there, but the only thing that we had gotten out at that point was my daughters bag… She was putting things in her bag, and I looked at the floor- about 6 feet away from where she was sitting, and there it was on my tan carpet- eeewwww… I am not normally squeamish at all, but I was freaked out- so were my kids. if it did not come from there, then I do not know where it came from…


I think you have every reason to be squeamish over that! Just curious (since we don’t see too many scorpions in the Chicago area), about how big is a typical scorpion?


Well, if you want it that way then, who am I to whine?

Have a great vacation. I hope to read a trip report, darrrlink


Well, a TR is forthcoming… it starts today! yeah!!! The scorpion is/was about 1.5- 2 inches long… It was not very big at all… It was just big enough that it looked like one of those very inexpensive plastic toys (barrel of monkey) sized plastic. This one looked all black, although I did not get close enough to see what it looked like. I thought it was a dragonfly plastic toy that had spilled out of her bag…


Ugh. That sounds pretty scary.

I thought you were going to say you brought it home from Disney or something. Not much chance of finding one of those buggers up here in New England, thank goodness.