Checking AKV Availability?


Is there anyone available to check with Vacation Club the availability of an AKV studio for December 30, 2007 through January 5, 2008? I definetly will be pursuing renting points, but wanted to make sure what I wanted was available before moving forward.



There is nothing available for those dates at any of the DVC properties. I checked all room sizes.


how about 12/28-1/1? Please send an email to because I do not check the boards.


Those are basically the same dates as above and at this late date I’m sure everything is booked.

He/she doesn't check the board, Steph. I hope you sent an email :laugh:


:blush: I thought maybe you would do it.


Sorry, I confused you, I have this ressie that I am probably am going to cancel very soon because my guest will not be going.