Checking days left on passes?


Can I check how many days are left on my passes at the hotel guest services or do I have to go to a park window?? Only 6 days to go! What am I forgetting??


Not sure! I thought I had heard you could check at the Resort or at the Parks. I know you can’t do it on the phone, but I thought I heard you could do it at the Resort. I am sure that someone on here knows.


I think you can check at your resort or at Guest Services at any park.

Only 6 days? How exciting!


Any guest services - resort, downtown disney, or the park.


Me! You’re forgetting me!

Oh, I’ll just have to wait a few more weeks. :pinch:


Definitely at your resort - we do it every year. Then -write how much is left on the ticket ON THE TICKET. If we did this, we wouldn’t have to ask every year, lol