Checking my email while at the parks?


I just got an email from Disney saying to check my email while at Disney for great tips and deals.( yay i am going to be there Sunday!!!) I was going to leave the cell phone at home. Has anyone got this email? what do they send you? is it really worth to check?


I’ve not seen this one yet. I will be interested to see what they send you. :slight_smile:


Well it will be in the review! :slight_smile:


It’s also a trick to get people to spend $10 a day for in room internet because everyone doesn’t have wireless internet through their phones yet.


Im sure it is! I just hope it’s something of substance.


i would love find out!!! please let us know


im just surpised no one has heard of this.


This is the first I have heard of this.


If you are an experience Disney person - leave it at home. It just tells you about Fast Pass or new experiences to try. Resort pkg drop off, Photopass, etc. If it’s your birthday you’ll get a Happy Birthday message too.


this last trip,they sent mre an e-mail saying while I was there they would send me e-mails wwith tipsand special things got an e-mail the first cfouple of days an after that nothing,seems to be a trial program,that they might be trying…


Big woop. :tongue:


I just got soemthing now about the keys to the kingdom or the seaway tours… the beginign of the letter states since im going to be down in disney for a “romantic get away” (im there for my parents 27th wedding anniversay) … nothing screams romanace than a segway… lol


I got this email,too. I used my DD laptop at her apartment to check my email, expecting something great. All I got was a photopass offer. I was at least hoping for a bounceback offer or something. I think it is dumb for them to tell you to check your email when they don’t offer free internet access.


We got a bounceback offer by email while there. Nothing that great, about what we had paid in the first place, but we got one.


Check your email for great tips and reminders!

this is the Email I just got.


The last 3 trips (this year) there has always been a bounce back offer on the table in the room. They are very common now. Lucky for me I’m a FL res and a PH so I just use those rates.


checking my email was a waste of time. I think i got one or two emails. They were pretty much all about the photo pass.