Cheer and dance competitions?


We are going to disney 01/31/07 - 02/06/08. How ridiculous are the crowds while the cheer and dance competitions are in town? Any one know?


It will be challenging. Couple of years ago we crossed paths. I guarantee that you will have some stories to tell us when you get back! :laugh:

Cheerleaders running wild in POTC - right out of the boats and into the scenery…:laugh:


I went to the national Jeerleading sites to determine when/where they will hold competions. WDW wouldn’t tell me. Also Anita Answer at all ears can help.


I found this:

Cheerleeding/Twirl/Dance Competitions - Various dates each year, usually January-March. These usually don’t have a lot of impact on the in-park crowds. The issue is that the Value resorts (All-Stars and Pop Century) play host to hordes of girls who can be extremely loud – so you may want to avoid those resorts during competitions. Some of the competitions include College Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championships (January 18-20, 2008), National Dance Team Championship (February 1-3, 2008), National High School Cheerleading Championship (February 8-10, 2008), Twirlmania (February 15-18, 2008), Cheer & Dance National Championships (February 23-24 and February 29-March 2, 2008) and National All Star Cheerleading Championship (March 7-9, 2008). Some of these events take place at Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular in Disney-MGM Studios, so that attraction might be closed on some of the dates listed above.

And i’m a little worried now, esp. since we’re staying at Pop Century…


I do know that there is a competition the 02/01 - 02/03, i’m just wondering if the 10,000 screaming cheerleaders will be running around the parks while i’m trying to do the same?

I talked to a mom here who attended the competition a few years back with her daughter and said that they stayed at the all star resorts, but i’ve called to check on other rooms at the WL and there are NO rooms available for that week just about anywhere!!! Not Poly, not Cont, not GF, so i’m wondering if the “off week” that we choose to go is going to end up being the worst mistake that we ever made!:crying:


No Tears! You are still going to Disney!!! I am sure you will have a great time!:happy:


I am so glad that we are sneaking in between competitions!!! we’ll be there feb 3-7!!


Am I the only one on this board who loves crowds? :laugh: I don’t know what it is, but I always get a huge sense of accomplishment when it’s a packed house. Kind of like going to a ballgame. It’s so boring if the thousands of fans aren’t there with you to make it great!



Yes, you are! :laugh:


Hmmm…I like crowds for things like shows, so there is plenty of applause and excitement. But otherwise, I’m perfectly okay with no crowds! :laugh: I get a little claustrophobic when people are breathing down my neck all the time. :blow:

So yes Rowdy, I think you may be the only one who loves crowds! :laugh:


We were there a couple of years ago during that time too. You may have a few stories to tell but I would not let it change my plans. Any day at Disney is a great day!


Rowdy, you big ham. You’re an entertainer - you’re expected to like playing to a full house. I would acutally dig having the park to myself.

And maybe 100 selected freinds.

And a couple of Hooter’s girls.


:laugh: You’re so classy, Boss.


Cheerleaders’ questions overheard during the last cheer convention:

  1. “We’re all together, so does this one fast pass work for our whole group?” :mellow:

  2. “I’d like to order 48 hamburgers, one with no mayo, one with no onions, one with extra ketchup, three with cheese, two with…” :ohmy:

  3. “Hey we can entertain everyone in this slow-moving line with some cheers!” :pinch:

  4. “I know! Let’s walk side-by-side arm-in-arm up the middle of Main Street to show our team spirit!” :huh:

  5. “Please bring us a Beaches & Cream Kitchen Sink, and 48 spoons!” :blink:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: OK, OK… I’m just kidding. Really. I sort of like the cheer kids, as long as they leave a couple of pool chairs open for the rest of us. The thing is, I’d rather be at WDW with the cheer kids than here at the house with the laundry!


Yeah, well, I like my wings … (ready?)



We went to Disney during July when there were a ton of tour groups from South America. Other than getting behind them when one guide is getting fast passes for the entire group…aargh…we still had a good time. At least you will have nice weather unlike our hot sticky 90+ DAYS. It will make a difference if you are in a few crowds!
Can you find out the time of the competitions once you get there? They might be posted somewhere. You could try to plan your day around when the majority will be competing and not in the parks.
I would cross my fingers that you aren’t in the same hotel as the cheerleaders. I can’t imagine they will be in more moderate hotels. Maybe those are filled because most other people couldn’t get into All Stars…etc. because they were booked months ago for cheerleading.


They’re pretty hard to avoid these days - there are competitions all the time… but if you close your eyes and keeping repeating “I remember being 14, I remember being 14…” it’s tolerable.


After having all my overnight rehearsals at MK when I get to walk and play in the park by myself…you can have it!!! It’s really quite eerie. And if you read Kingdom Keepers, it’s EVEN MORE eerie. But maybe if you share the Hooters girls…wait why do I need Hooters?! I get to hang out with Ariel every night :tongue:


You get to hang out with Ariel every night, dd would be soooo jealous, that is her favorite!!!:laugh: