Cheer Week?


I remember hearing there is a week when the cheering competitions are at HS…does anyone know when this is?? I’m hoping its not next week or the week after…i like cheering and all but not all those girls during vacation!!!:dry:


Hmmm I posted a link a few days ago, and it had the closing of the attractions and I remember it saying Indian Jones will be dark for cheering. Let me see if I can find it for ya!


We were there once during the cheer competitions and we usually go Aug/Sept time. We found it fascinating as ‘cheer’ is not really practised here, so it was very enlightening ( and a little noisy-but fun all the same)


Here is what I found:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular will be dark March 14 and 15 due to Cheer and Dance Championships.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;943039]Here is what I found:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular will be dark March 14 and 15 due to Cheer and Dance Championships.[/QUOTE]

:laugh::laugh: I just had cut & was ready to paste the same thing!! Thanks Mickeygirlz!!
so hopefully they will maybe be leaving already when we get there…or we are there wed-wed so maybe they will only be there till the weekend…I’m sure my DD will love it though since thats all she talks about is being able to be a cheerleader for our local football team!! stinks that they wont let them cheer though till they are 6 and in 1st grade :dry: …i havent broken that news to her yet…


I think I have been there during similar events in the past - there were packs of traveling cheerleaders giggling and chatting. :laugh:


Maybe ours was a different event! as we have never been that early and they certainly were cheer teams.


I was a cheerleader, and “cheer week” is still a little much for me… :wacko: The last time I was at HS for this, you couldn’t even walk through the bathrooms because they were all in there prepping and primping… and cheering… In the bathrooms?? Really??? :mellow:


Spirit week was the week I was there. I actually sat in on the competition for a bit at HS. The crowds were a bit thicker with all those girls around, but they were super well behaved and it really didn’t upset my touring other than the day at HS when the actual competition was going on. DTD was a bit jammed packed, but when isn’t it?


Yeah, we were there during a cheer competition once and besides seeing girls dressed alike in soffes and cheer tees and chanting in MK, I didn’t really notice them until DHS when they were all over the place in stage makeup and uniforms. It was crowded, but didn’t really interfere much with touring.


Haha! Yeah really!:laugh:


Hmmmm now I am thinkikng maybe I WANT to see these cheerleaders when we are there…I know, sounds crazy right but here’s my reason. We got DD’s recital costume& they want girls hair down & curly:blink:but I just mastered the bun??? So anyway… Anyone have any ideas how to get a 5 year olds hair (that is long & straight) to be big & poofy with curls that last?? I bought foam rollers & we are going to start practicing now. Her recital is the beginning of June.


:laugh: I was just a little surprised to see it, because bathrooms don’t excite me that much! :laugh::laugh:


They are loud. And there are a lot of them.


Hot rollers!!!


we will be experimenting with them too…she is only 5 so i dont know how she will take to the hot rollers. i was thinking about those hot rollers that are bendable, the softer ones…i just hate to go out & buy them & then they dont work!


the best way to get those curls that do not move it a curling iron. Hair spray the hair in the curling iron as it’s heating the curl. Use bobby pins to keep them in place and spray them when you are done setting them.


We were in the World during Cheer Week a couple of years ago. It happened to be very hot that year, and there seemed to be at least a million cheerleaders wandering (or running) around. I know there had to be chaperones, but most of the groups were on there own without supervision. Don’t get me wrong, I was a kid once too, and I would have loved to be at Disney on my own! The biggest impact seemed to be on HS. We swore we’d never go back again during that week. I will say that for the most part, even though they were loud and boisterous, they were also pretty polite and courteous. It’s just that there were so many of them! Guess I’m getting old!


I have super thin hair, but hot rollers curl it every time. The trick is to let them heat up long enough… at least 20 minutes. (we hot rolled my sister’s hair for the pageant, but the rollers weren’t hot enough… someone had forgotten to plug it in, so they got a five minute or so heat, and her hair didn’t curl [luckily, it looked good, anyway! :laugh:])

I think you can get them at WalMart for $20-30. She should only need a few, so you can buy a small set to test it out.