Cheerleader question


I am trying to figure out during exactly what time the cheerleaders invade WDW every year.
I am not so concerned about the resort because, lucky me, I get to stay at the Beach Club. But the parks, I would rather not be there when the cheerleaders are roaming.

My TA said that they are really not that bad at MK (yeah right) or AK and Epcot. He says they are all hanging out at the Studios. Should I believe that?

I have a choice of January 25-31 or February 8-15. Which is better ?

Thanks people :smile:


Do January…February is iffy with the cheerleaders. That week in January is my FAVORITE week in WDW…perfect!~


I had a feeling this would be so.

Thank you Dana.

By the by, your avatar is great. I hope the pouting will work for you.


I have been to WDW twice during that week of january…you are going to love the lack of crowds. You can walk on stuff…seriously walk in. Some fast passes aren’t even open…lol it’s awesome!

Thanks about the avatar…I hope the pouting works too…:laugh:


I agree with Dana . . . I :heart: :heart: going that last week in Jan, first week in Feb! And your TA is right . . . they are MOSTLY at Studios, cuz they close the Indiana Jones Show and use the stage there for the competitions . . . so they are most FIRED UP chanting and in competing mode while there! :laugh: :laugh:

This year I went the week of 2/8 and I didn’t notice the large groups at the other parks as much as I did at Studios!

PLUS January weather in FL . . . rocks!! :laugh:


So glad to hear you both say that. I just emailed my TA to get me that week and I found the perfect stateroom too. I think this is gonna be a great cruise and a great 4 days at the parks.

Thank you for your help too, Dana


We went Feb 3-7th in 2006 and cheerleaders were coming out of the ying yang. I have been in January, February, March, May, June, October and December and February was the WORST Cheerleader infestation ever. We are talking about five different groups practicing their routines in the POR parking lots at all hours of the day kind of infestation.


There was some competition… my sister could tell you which one… that was being held while we were down there… Friday February 8- Sunday February 10 I believe. She watched a bit of it. They were everywhere… it was creepy.


blech, that would have made me ask for my money back :pinch:


Now I really know that I went with the best week. Thanks Victoria :happy:


Yep, that was the EXACT weekend we were there and the Studio was packed with groups and their coaches toting around the trophies . . . and if they bumped in to each other, they would start chanting and cheering! :laugh:


The infestation is for February 15th-18th in 2009.


It’s only just 3 days? I thought it was for like 2 weeks. In any case, I am booked now for Jan 25 - yay!


We went the last week of Jan 2007; crowds - there weren’t any; weather - we hit a COLD snap (had to buy jackets and hats). We did however have the best time ever. We rode every ride we wanted to with absolutely NO lines - it was heaven.


I can live with that :laugh:


bella – “cheerleading infestation” – LMBO!!!


Heehee “Cheerleader infestation”.:laugh: :laugh: That is all I wanted to say. I have nothing to add that will help.:blush:


:glare: :glare:

no really, I am ok with that. We’re booked starting Jan. 25. It’s all good :happy:


I’ve never encountered the cheerleaders - is it really that bad?


I was just sayin!

YAY!! You are booked! But…but…I thought you were going in late November!:closedeye