Cheerleader week


How bad is cheer leader week? Can I get some reponse on this?


it stinks! i was there during it


I’ve been around WDW for some of the cheerleader time. They chant together and travel in large groups. They can be annoying in the parks, but I think from what I’ve heard here, the big problem is if they are staying in your resort.


Well we were a band group traveling at the same time as the cheerleaders, so I guess we probably weren’t much better. However, if you’re wanting a peaceful Disney vacation, cheerleader week is not for you.

The main place to avoid is Hollywood Studios on Saturday. Since that’s the location of the competition, the park is overloaded with girls in heavy make-up and short skirts. Friday and Sunday… they’ll be more spread out. I believe most groups arrive Friday and go to Magic Kingdom.

Stay away from value and some moderate resorts and you should be free of cheerleaders at your hotel. The AllStar Resorts are packed with cheerleaders (not to mention band students…), so avoid at all costs.

The crowds still aren’t that bad, though. We got a lot done while we were there. If you know how to work the FP system and have the general idea of which areas of the park to hit first and what rides to avoid at what time, you should be fine.

As for dining… if you have ADRs, you should be cheerleader-free (unless, of course, there happens to be a Disney-smart cheerleader who decided to book ahead for her friends… I’m thinking this is unlikely, though).

If you’re really bothered by loud and crazy cheerleaders, cheerleader week is not for you. However, if you don’t mind the noise (or perhaps have some teenage boys traveling with you…), you should be fine.


I believe that there was another thread about this subject recently. I believe most of us who have been there during that time would avoid doing it again.


When IS Cheerleader week? Cause thats when I don’t wanna go.