Cheesecake Factory Express is Closing


The Cheesecake Factory Express at DisneyQuest is closing. Cheesecake Factory has decided not to renew the original 10 year contract. Originally, as Disney built DisneyQuests around the nation, they would include a Cheesecake Factory Express at each location. Since Disney canceled those plans, this left this one location which was unique in the Cheesecake Factory empire, thus the decision not to renew.

Disney will now run the food place at Disney Quest.


I love CheeseCake Factory!! We have one about 45min. from our home.

We grabbed a quick snack once at the Disney Quest location. It was a nice place. I’m sure Disney will put something nice in its place.


Do they have a full restaurant of the Cheesecake factory in Orlando?


That’s too bad. Although, I have always been to busy playing to eat there.:laugh:


There is a Cheesecake Factory at the Millenia mall just about 20 mins drive from WDW-its fabulous!


This one has always seemed just a bit out of place to me…


:frown: Awwwwww.