Chef de paris


Is Remy still here making appearances? Or has that finished? If he is still there, is he there constantly or only on certain dates or times through the day?
Just we have never seen him on our previous vacations and thought it might be quite nice to on this occasion as we have free full dining included in our deal this year and might do more ‘meals around the world’.

thanks :happy:


He has a schedule. Monday-Saturday 12:30, 1:40, 2:50, and 5:20.


yes, it’s always nice to see a rat in a fancy French restaurant while dining. It adds such a touch of class!:laugh:




LOL…we were there in November and a little surprised when the rat rolled up but it was funny and all the tables around seemed to enjoy it.


When we ate dinner there in December, they brought Remy around.
The wife, unlike me, was surprised.


My parents had lunch there on Friday (5/13) and he made an appearance. My Dad texted me this picture.