Chef Mickey changes


I hope I can post this…but i’ll understand if you have to remove it.

"According to a thread on the DISboards, a major change has taken place at Chef Mickey’s Buffet in Walt Disney World. This restaurant in the Contemporary Resort is one of the resort’s most popular for several reasons - it’s within walking distance to the Magic Kingdom, the monorail rushes by overhead while you dine, and the “Fab Five” Disney characters come greet you at your table. Well, not anymore. Mickey Mouse will no longer be greeting guests table-side. Instead, Mickey will pose for pictures near the front of the restaurant in the area that formerly held a photo op featuring a large plate and statue of Mickey. Your picture will be taken with Mickey and will be available for sale at the inflated Disney price of $29.95. Posters on the thread said they were able to give their own cameras to a cast member to use, thus saving themselves the $29.95 cost of the photo.

Posters seem to have mixed feelings about the change. Most are upset that their kids won’t be able to have the table-side interaction with Mickey, but some are looking on the bright side and thinking that they will enjoy getting a nice picture of their family with just Mickey and no background of dirty plates and neighboring tables.

The other characters, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto will still visit and interact with guests at their tables. Only time will tell if this new change is permanent or just a test program."

I am not quite sure how I feel about the change…


I guess it is ok by me. I mean, You can get your picture with him but i will miss having him come by my table. You will still get alittle interaction with him at the time of your picture so no worries.


Well, I think that stinks. I haven’t been to CM in a hundred years and was looking forward to the table side pictures. I know we won’t buy the picture. We are doing Photopass. Can you take pictures with your own camera at the photo spot???

I realize it’s just Mickey that doesn’t come to the table, but still…it’s CHEF MICKEY.


Rumor on the disboard is yes you can…I have a friend going in 2 weeks, I’ll have to ask her if she has a ressie there, but I don’t think she does.


This is the same thing that they do at the Storybook Princess Breakfast at Akershus in Norway at Epcot. When you first go in, you meet Belle (it used to be Aurora), she signs the kids’ autograph books, you get your picture made and then you are seated. All of the other princesses come by as your eating. I think it works out fine. I make my own picture of the kids meeting Belle when we do this, and I think the would use my camera if I asked, but I don’t like to be in pictures. :laugh: And actually, we never buy the Disney pictures, but this last trip we took last month, the photo package was complimentary at the princess breakfast . It works out well, I think.


Yep…I think thats why I am not 100% bothered by it…but its just something about the mouse coming to my table that makes it more special, I don’t know, but I can live with the change


They do this with Donald at Tusker House in AK too. I thought it worked out fine.


we have ressie in november we will have to see how it works.


Honestly, when we went in May, even though Mickey came to the table he was only there for about a minute. You might actually get more face time with him at a photo spot.


That is because Belle would have to be in her “street clothes” to move around in there - that big yellow ball gown wouldn’t fit. She doesn’t wear it in the castle either.

I always skip the photo - I say “I’m not going to buy it, so don’t waste your time printing it!” I always get a stunned look, but to me it’s a waste!

PS. I’m OK with the change - sometimes it’s better to take a picture and then you can sit and eat. Not jump up and down every 5 minutes!! LOL!!


I think I may be ok with the change…but I am really glad that they did not take off the mashed potatoes on the buffet, that was my first thought when I read the title to this thread lol…the potatoes are the best there!:laugh:


I hate to be negative, but I don’t care what changes they make. I won’t be going back after the experience I had last month. It honestly was the worse character experience I have eve had on Disney property. The service was the worse I have ever had on property in all my trips.


oh no, what happened? sorry!!!


At check in the cast member ruined my surprise cakes…then she got two managers to “talk to me” and I still to this day don’t know why. The server completely forgot we existed and had to be reminded to bring the surprise cakes. the handlers had no control over the children nor did the parents which made for horrible character interactions…yeah, never going again.


:sad: sorry!!!


A couple of years ago it was like this with Donald as well at Chef Mickeys!:mickey:


For a while, it was Chef Goofy that was the photo op character at CM.
I like the dogs best, so if Pluto and Goofy come to my table, I’m happy enough.
And Donald at CM? Up until a few years ago, he wasn’t even there, it was Chip and Dale.


my 2008 trip, Donald was there but that was way back, so i don’t know if he is still there or not.


When we were at Chef Mickey’s in 2007 it was one of our favorite dining experiences of the whole trip. This year when we went in June we were less impressed. I still liked the food, but the seating and character interactions felt more chaotic. I also wasn’t terribly impressed with our server. I don’t know. It lacked the magic I was expecting. And that’s disappointing too, because I love arriving by Monorail and seeing Chef Mickey’s there.


Since when? Last year, he was a table-side greeter.