Chef Mickey & Ressies


I’m going to WDW in June & am on the QS DDP. I know this ressie would be out of pocket and so forth. I’m thinking about taking my 5 yr old here for b-fast since she loves loves loves Mickey and she’s never been here. My questions are…

I know I can make the ressie online, but do I need to pay at the time of making it? I have a confirmation # for our vacation, but it’s on my fil’s Disney Visa, I don’t want this on it, will it automatically add it to it? If I need to ‘hold’ the ressie I’d use ours, but in the end I’d rather pay cash when we’re there.

Also, dh wasn’t that impressed w/ Chef Mickey’s. My 9 yr old dd says it’s awesome. How is it? Is it really worth the $$$. The trip they did Chef Mickey’s on, I was 3 months post partum with our 4th child. So I have no idea if I shoudl trust dh or not. His idea of b-fast is a giant plate of bacon with a pancake or 2. :rolleyes:


The only ressies that they charge you for when you make it is the
CRT at the MK
the meal at Akershus in Epcot and one more and I cannot think of what that is right now.
They will not charge for an ADR at Chef Mickey.

I have never been there myself, so I cannot help you with a review.
I am sure someone will be along shortly to let you know how they liked it.


We have been to Chef Mickeys a few times. We LOVE it. I was contemplatiing going to Donalds Safari this time,but with the reviews I was getting I am sticking with CM. I also will be there in June for breakfast. I cannot wait,cause it is alot of fun.


Is AllEars site current for menu/pricing? I know things can vary but WDW’s site said up to $35 per person. :ohmy: Shoot I knew there was a reason I let my fil do this. I never had the sticker shock. :laugh:


I think the breakfast is around $20.00 or so. Yes it is currant.


CM is a MUST do for us…never a bad experience and the kids (that’d be me too!!!) love it. I’d ignore the hubby on this one and book it…no offense to the hubby.


I say offend the hubby! LOL. We are excited we were lucky enough to get a reservation for June this time. We have tried every year over and over and never been lucky enough to get one. Enjoy it! We are so excited to try it.


Word to the wise…I learned this early on from the great folks here…anything that is a “must eat” you have to get on the phone exactly 1 year from the date you want. Pain yes, but it was the only way I was assured CRT, CMs and a few other places we went.


Yeah, I agree. But, with the new online reservations, we got EVERYTHING we have always tried to get. We got Cinderella’s Royal Table for Breakfast, CM, Le Cellier, Hoop Dee Doo, you name it, we got EVERYTHING that is impossible to get this year. All in one night. It was crazy how easy it was this year. I am hoping that means attendance is down or something.


Good to know…can you do the on-line ressies a year out as well? Are they exclusive through booking with Disney or open to public?


Online reservations are open to the public. Just go to the Disney website and search for the restaurant. Then, on the left side you will see “Make a Reservation”. Not sure on the timeline, but TREMENDOUSLY easy to do and you can make several at once and check out one time. If you have a resort reservation, you can tie them to your dining plan, etc. Far too easy to not use. We have not had a single reservation we couldn’t get this year.


There are things you think about before doing and things you do without even thinking.
Making a reservation for Chef Mickey’s is one of the latter.
Don’t think, just do.


You CAN NOT make any dining reservations one year out!
You can make dining reservations 180 days out and recreation reservations 90 days out (tours, fireworks cruises, etc.)
These are the rules for Disney and non Disney guests alike.
The only advantage that Disney guests get is an up to 10 day head start for reservations during your vacation.
In other words, you can not make any reservation until 180 days out from your arrival, but once you’re at 180 days, you can book all of your dining reservations for the next (up to) 10 days of your vacation.


Last night I did a ressie check and they had any times I put in at Chef Mickey’s for the date I wanted. I’m booking it. I asked about it at dinner (in general not really telling the 2 who have never gone, what I was doing.) They both got excited and said they wanted to do it. So Chef Mickey’s here I come. :cool:

Booked, Fri 6/11 @ 7:40am…a tad bit of a EEK that’s dang early, but I figure we can hop the Monorail and get to MK before the crowds. :happy:


As the others said, you will not be charged or asked for a CC# for this ADR. They will ask you if you are on the DDP and you will respon no, beacause your plan will not apply to this ADR.

As for the review, chef’s is and awesome character experience.


In answer to your question about whether its worth it or not, to us it is from the character stand point. We have been there many times over the years, have had excellent times, and not so excellent. :slight_smile: All in all, there is a good variety of food choices, the characters are a ton of fun, and eating inside the Contemporary is a bonus to boot!