Chef Mickey's brunch?


Thanks to the suggestions of you all who prompted us to move our PS our first day from 7:30 am to 10:50 am, where we should get more character interaction. My question is this:

on Deb’s site it says there’s breakfast and dinner served. Does anyone know what time they stop serving breakfast and if we’re likely to get the breakfast buffet at 10:50?

The reason I ask is because for Xmas I got my darling Robio (Happy 4th Anniversary honey!) his own Mickey waffle maker he’d been dying for years to have. I figured WDW was the perfect time to use it, since we have a timeshare. I figured we’d make breakfast for everyone before we go to the parks, so I’d been hunting down the infamous waffle recipes. But I won’t bother with that if Chef Mickey’s actually serves breakfast at 10:50. I’m curious as to when they stop serving breakfast and start serving dinner…


When we book a late character breakfast, I just ask Dining for the last PS of the day.


At 10:50 a.m. they’ll still be serving the breakfast buffet. The dinner buffet doesn’t begin until 5:00 p.m.


Interesting… so they serve breakfast until 5 pm?


No, they have a lunch buffet as well.


No - They serve the breakfast buffet until approximately 11:30 a.m. or so, then at 5:00 p.m.they start serving the dinner buffet. I am not positive - but I think that those are the only two buffets served, per day, at Chef Mickey’s. Allearsnet indicates that the breakfast buffet is served till 11:30. The dinner buffet starts at 5:00. They have no listing for a lunch buffet.


hmm, I thought they served lunch too, but I could be wrong. It has been known to happen. LOL


wonders what they do between 11:30 and 5


They don’t serve lunch at all…I believe after the 11:30 crowd clears out they close until 5…
Late breakfast are great! You get to eat all the breakfast food you want for lunch!! ( we just consider it lunch) You made a good choice switching!
Yummy…cheese hasbrowns…i want some right now!


Are you kidding? It takes them at least that long to scrape the food off the walls from the breakfast crowds! That’s a rowdy bunch.


Great choice to switch the breakfast PS,
Be sure to let us know how it turns out for you.


I just got a PS for 11:10 am at Chef Mickey’s for our last day there. Is it pretty slow around this time in the morning? I want to be able to get good character interaction. :mickey:


I was one of the last parties seated around 11:30am.
We just tried our luck and walked in and we were seated right away, no problems. We almost did get turned away.
So I imagine we were seated right before closing for breakfast.
Oh and there was no shortage of character interaction, there was a full house and we were not rushed to leave or anything.
We were seated in the back of the restaurant, just up the stairs.
As far as I remember, they all made it back to us more than once.
I think the only characters that did not come back was Donald, he was in front greeting guests.


ROTFLMAOLOLOL, that is a rowdy bunch at Chef Mickey’s! :biggrin: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :wink:


Last PS’s are for around 11:30 AM but you can take your time eating, we have never been hurried out. Lots of character interaction and the crowd thins out quite a bit by that time.


And it’s only gonna get rowider when we’re there as we’re doing my birthday :ninja: :tongue:


We always eat a brunch at Chef Mickey’s on our last day, usually around 11 AM. Despite the fact that the breakfast buffet is supposed to “close down” soon after that, we have never had a problem! In fact, our brunches were always quite leisurely and sometimes it seemed like we even got MORE character interaction than at an earlier breakfast. The characters seem to be on the last leg of their visits during breakfast, so they stay out and play around with guests a lot. It’s a great time to eat!

Oh man. Now I want a Mickey waffle!


We had an 11:20 PS on Halloween day and did have to wait awhile for a seat…when we were seated we didn’t feel rushed at all, so I’m sure they continued “serving” well after noon, but I guess the last seating is probably at 11:30. The character interaction was great and by the end of our meal there were only a few parties left and DS got to dance with Minnie!! Sooo cute!! :mickey:


Yeah. We had 11:20 seating. We finally left around noon, with many people still at the restaurant. Food was still on the buffet when we left.