Chef Mickeys for breakfast


Hello all. I decided to book breakfast at Chef Mickeys on the day we have MNSSHP for. We had Crystal Palace at 4:45 but I decided it wasn’t a good idea to keep because this is the 1st halloween party and I don’t want to be in CP forever.
Anyways…the last time we were at chef mickeys it wasn’t so good but it was dinner. Can anyone tell me if breakfast is any better?


We’ve always enjoyed breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. I love breakfast out but we don’t go out in the morning at home so it’s a real treat while we’re on vacation.


I think BREAKFAST is way better then Dinner at Chef Mickey!

My DDs love the breakfast pizza and the Mickey head waffles! :heart:


Sounds great! Thanks guys


My son loves breakfast at Chef Mickey’s!!!

They have eliminated the peanut butter and jelly breakfas pizza!!! My son can now surf the buffet.


[QUOTE=rick_1965;970411]My son loves breakfast at Chef Mickey’s!!!

They have eliminated the peanut butter and jelly breakfas pizza!!! My son can now surf the buffet.[/QUOTE]

PB &Jelly pizza? Hmmm…happy to hear its removed. It sounds gross
But happy to hear your son can go without worries.


We’ve never done the breakfast. It sounds good…except for the PB&J pizza! Yuck!


The breakfast at Chef Mickey’s we had on our last trip was wonderful! But, really, you’re pretty much guaranteed yummy food and lots of options at any WDW breakfast. I’ve never had a bad one anywhere, even Crystal Palace which I strongly dislike. The atmosphere is loads of fun and the characters are fantastic. I would definitely go back to Chef Mickey’s for bfast but we’re doing 1900 Park Fare this time simply because we haven’t been there.


I know right :laugh: who in the world would ever think to make a pb & jelly pizza. My daughter would run the other way.


All of the breakfast buffets are better than the dinner buffets in my opinion, although CP’s dinner is better than the rest.
So, yes, I’d run to breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.


What morning are you going to be there? I have reservations for Sept 17 at 8:30.


We LOVE breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. I think we’ve only had dinner there once, many years ago, so I can’t compare.


We have had both breakfast and dinner at Chef Mickey’s, and we definitely prefer breakfast. Its also a very fun atmosphere, my boys love it.


We plan to hit Chef MIckey’s in Sept. Can anyone tell me if Mickey will hold any children for pics? Our 9 month GD will have her first trip and we would like a pic similar to a Christmas photo with Santa. Thanks.


Sept 19 at 10;45 am. Its the morn after our MNSSHP which we plan to stay all night and party hardy :laugh: when I stayed out all night long for new years eve at DTD last year I couldn’t get up for my ADR at tusker house at 8:20 so I’m a little scared we may not make chef mickeys but it is later in the morn so well see…


You’ll love Chef Mickeys for breakfast, but you’ll love the MNSSHP even more!


Don’t know about Mic at CM but when my 2nd DD was 5 months we had a pic made with Eeoyore at CP with him down on one knee next to her stroking her head while asleep in her stroller and it made a great pic.
I wouldn’t think they would be able to hold them, if for nothing else but for insurance/safety reasons. They don’t have full control in a lot of those bulky costumes sometimes. see Disney urban legends-snopes thread
I bet that would make a grrr8 Christmas pic though.


I can’t say they won’t because I’m sure it happens but I would count on it. I’m sure that a lot of the “characters” just aren’t comfortable with the responsibility of holding a child. When you are seated the CMs tell you where to seat the kids for the best photos. From what I’ve seen the characters all get down to the level of the child of needed.

There is a CM that walks around with the characters, check with him/her when Mickey comes by.


personally, I did not LOVE Chef Mickey’s but their breakfast wasn’t that bad. I would prefer it over dinner!