Chef Mickey's Lunch Buffet


Just got off the phone with ADR and was told that Chef Mickey’s will be having a lunch buffet during the Free Dining Promo. I got a 1:00 for August 28th. The CM was really nice and said that not alot of people knew it was available.


Thanks for the information. They have done this in the past during free dining, I think it’s a nice option for people trying to book some hard to get restaurants.


That would be so good to do! I love CM’s for breakfast I am sure a lunch buffet would be just as great. Thanks for the info.


The lunch buffet is pretty much the dinner buffet minus a few items (certainly minus prime rib).


Hmmm, well I think that’s a GREAT option for people having a hard time getting ADRs during Free Dining. Nice.


Erin did lunch there in Sept. 2006 during free dining that year.