Chef Mickey's or Crystal Palace?


Which would you choose? :confused:

I have a reservation already in place for Chef Mickey’s, however, I have read so much about Crystal Palace on here. I am torn! I hear the food is better at CP, but I am not sure if I want to give up eating with Mickey and the gang. My kids like Pooh and friends but they love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on the Disney Channel. What would you do?

Which characters exactly are at each restaurant?


We love Chef Mickey’s, the characters are the best. We been for both breakfast and dinner and have always enjoyed the food. We are not big Pooh fans so CP isn’t one of our choices.

Have you thought about Liberty Tree Tavern? About the same characters as Chef Mickey’s (no Mickey) but with a family style Thanksgiving dinner.


Chef Mickey’s has some of the best food I’ve eaten at the character buffets. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip, Dale, Donald, & Pluto make the rounds. Though Donald is only at dinner, and Pluto at breakfast.


I think CM’s is Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale (and Goofy?)

CP is the Pooh gang…

If it were ME, which it’s not, but IF it were, I’d pick Chef Mickeys. :c)


So, I won’t be seeing Pluto at dinner??? I mean, I’m glad that Donald will be there, but Matt will be DEVESTATED that his boy Pluto is MIA.



You forgot MINNIE at Chef Mickeys!!!

I L:heart: VE both of these meals, it’s so hard to decide!!! But if your kids LOVE Mickey and friends more than Pooh, I’d go with Chef Mickey’s for sure!!! :happy:


How can you not love Pooh? He is so cute and lovable. Sorry. I had to say that when I read that part in your post.

To answer the original question, if you had to choose between CP and CM and couldn’t do both, then I would say CM. I say this because it sounds like your kids like the Mickey and Friends characters more than the Pooh characters.


If you do Chef Mickey’s, DON’T MISS their breakfast pizzas! (cheese and egg on one, and PB&J with chocolate and marshmallow on another!!!) YUM!!!

If you do Crystal Palace, don’t miss their breakfast lasagna! Cold pasta with custard and fruit…DELISH! :wub:


I love Minnie! I can’t wait to meet her!


She L:heart: VES you too, Erin. :wub:


Gag! :blow:


:wub: Thank you!!!


Cavey, the reason that gagged you, is because what Kim exhibited was NICENESS. You probably aren’t really familiar with that, and that’s ok…but, maybe you should try to expose yourself to a little bit of niceness EVERY day, and then when you encounter it, it won’t make you wanna :blow:


I really hope that helps!


We like both but Chef Mickey’s is more fun, waving napkins and if you get a later ADR the character come round 2 or 3 times!


I think the food at both places is good, so it really is a matter of what characters you like the most. Also, I think CM is more of a party atmosphere and there is a lot going on. At CP we had to wait a lot longer to see the characters and the tables seemed a little more cramped.


:nonono2: :nonono2: I don’t think that you should be encouraging Cavey this way…:blush: :blush: :blush:


We did both, and this year, I won’t be going to CM. I have to say I was somewhat dissapointed in my experience last year. It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. Character interraction was good. Food was fair. I felt a little more rushed and definately waited longer to get in at CM. I LOVE CP! This is going to be my must do each trip, or atleast it has been so far. The character interraction was great, we got to see each “friend” atleast 2-3 times at breakfast. Our waiter was wonderful, bringing our beverages, checking up on us, and taking pics for us. I loved watching all the kids who had a birthday march in the parade around the room with the characters too. A big perk to me was also getting in to MK early.

I didn’t dislike CM, I just like CP so much more!


CHEF MICKEY’S! We always get a very early (7:00am) reservation. The characters are great - Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip and Dale. Goofy does not walk around to the tables he greets everyone but you still can get autographs and pictures. There is plenty of time to eat and still make it to the MK early in the morning. We have never had bad food or service but I am sure it happens everywhere once in a while. The CP is very nice also but CM is a must.


I don’t get this? One or the other? Isn’t the question what day are you going to each? We’re finally going to schedule in dinner at Chef Mickey’s after 5 years of breakfast. The best thing you can do for Crystal Palace is shoot for the last ADR you can get for breakfast, usually 10:30. You now have WDW’s only character brunch. You’ve magically arrived at the time they switch from breakfast to lunch and you get the best of both worlds as one serving line does your omlet and the other gives you sliced meats. We’re just two adults, and getting face time with characters has never been a problem. Pluto is part of the morning cast at Chef Mickey’s, I didn’t know they had Donald. I’d been told the only place to find him is at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus. CP or CM, I don’t choose, both are must dos.


We LOVE the food at CP!!!CP is a must do for us every trip. That being said the characters and interaction at CM is better. But (IMHO) the food at CP is better.