Chef Mickey's or Tony's?


So, after reading Spectro’s review of Tony’s, I’m intrigued. I’m thinking maybe we should do that instead of Chef Mickey’s, especially since Chef Mickey’s doesn’t get great dinner reviews. I’d appreciate your opinion.


Well, this was supposed to be a poll but it didn’t post the poll for some reason. Oh well. If you could just weigh in on which is better for dinner, that’d be great. :mickey:


Spectro’s reveiw got my interest as well.

Well done ole boy


If you want a variety of food choices go to Chef Mickey. If you love Italian Tony’s is the place to go.


I’ve never been to Chef Mickey’s for dinner. I did go to Tony’s and wasn’t all that impressed. It was OK…

Hmmmm…I might try Tony’s if I were you.


I agree . . . hard to compare.

I really enjoyed Tonys . . . I didn’t get Italian though I got a to die for steak! YUM!!

Chef Mickeys is all you can eat, characters and a Fantastic DESSERT bar! With Mickey Mousse Oreos. Double YUM!! :happy:


I loved Chef Mickey’s. We are going to go back in August!


Honestly and not to throw you a curve ball, I have heard absolute raves about Ohanas for dinner. People have told me not to eat all day and go there!

If I had to pick between Tony’s and Chef Mickey’s, I would pick Chef Mickey’s.


Personally, I prefer character buffets at breakfast - safe food. If you can book Tony’s right around the time of Specto, you can get a great view if you’re lucky enough to score a table by the window.


Thanks everyone! I think I’m sold on keeping with Chef Mickey’s after the mention of an awesome dessert bar! I often choose where we go for dinner at home based on where I can get the best dessert. Ha! DH has said he doesn’t care either way because he hasn’t been to either (we did bfast at Chef Mickey’s last time).


Chef Mickey’s is great. Never been to Tony’s.


I’d choose Chef Mickey’s over Tony’s, but I’d choose Crystal Palace over Chef Mickey’s if I had that option.


I have only been to Tony’s once and wasn’t very impressed at all. The kids said that the spaghetti sauce tasted “weird” and didn’t eat it. Chef Mickeys has something for everyone, is all you can eat and also has fun characters. No contest for me.


We had breakfast at Chef Mickey’s and really enjoyed it but we’ve never had dinner there. We’ll be trying Tony’s in September!


Hmm, Hmmmm… that’s a tough one! On one hand the food at both is mediocre but at Chef Mickeys you get to meet all the characters, then again at Tony’s you could sit on the patio for Spectro, ALTHOUGH Chef Mickey’s can be notoriously LOUD & Tony’s is a little more cozy and quiet.

Ya know what, flip a coin. :tongue:


I’m a buffet fan…More bang for my buck while at the same time pretty much guarenteed that there will be something for everyone…My DD loves breakfast buffets just due to “all you can eat” Mickey Waffles…LOL…Me, I just love the “all you can eat” part of it… LOL


In my opinion Tony’s is gross. Worst meal I’ve ever had at WDW and I am NOT a food snob by any means.


And I fixed your poll situation. It’s up now!


Really depends on the kids…Tony’s is quiet and at Chef Mickey’s they can stand on the chairs swirling their napkin over their head during the musical number. We do Chef Mickey’s the last dinner of our trips. Traditional way to say Goodbye to the Mouse!


Thanks bella! :slight_smile:

I’m planning to keep Chef Mickey’s still. :mickey: I’m not a fan of buffets but a less than great Italian meal is worse. Ha! And, I’m still thinking about that dessert buffet! Yum. Of course, I’m still listening to opinions if you have more.