Chef Mickey's, The Wave or The Plazza Resturant


Which one would you choose? We have never been to any of these and are having a hard time deciding on one. Can you help with any reviews. Thanks in advance.
Chef Mickey’s
The Wave
Chefs de France


Are you asking for dinner?


There are two Chef Mickey’s on the poll… (I voted for the one with only one vote) But that’s only if you’re doing breakfast there. You might try dinner at the Wave. I’ve never eaten there, but I’ll read your review! :laugh:


I’m assuming dinner and voting Chefs.
If it’s breakfast, I’d vote Chef Mickey’s over The Wave and Chefs doesn’t even open for breakfast.


Chef Mickey’s is always great. Don’t know the Plazza Rest… The Wave is the pits. They should have left the game room and the snack bar where they were. That would have left the Concourse Steak House still there and it was also great.
We will be making our 52nd trip to WDW in May so we have seen many changes. Not all of them were for the better.


:confused: Chef Mickeys with small children but Chef de France is better food wise( and now they have Remy!!)


The Wave! The food is great and the inside decoration is so cool.


The Wave. I heard it was really good. And I fixed your poll for yah!


Love Chef Mickey’s :heart::wub: Mmmmm


I have eaten at both the Plaza and chef’s de France. I enjoyed both. I would like to eat at both the Wave and Chef mickey’s someday.