Chef Mickey's/Opening Ceremonies?


Okay, here’s a question. On our first morning at WDW, we have a PS for [I]Chef Mickey’s[/I] to kick things off. The PS is @ 7:30. I don’t want to rush through breakfast, especially on my birthday breakfast (what does CM do for birthday breakfasts anyway, does anyone know?), but I also want to be @the gate of the MK @ opening (so my 5 y/o can see the opening ceremony, not to mention I want to head to [I]Tinkerbell’s Treasures[/I] first thing!)

Is this doable, or do we have to push back the PS to 7? I’m not even sure what time [I]Chef Mickey’s[/I] opens. Also, what time is the monorail open so we can ride to [I]Chef Mickey’s[/I]?


CM will bring you a cupcake with a candle. That’s about it, but it is something.

Here’s what we did for my DS birthday in January, and this is a good plan.

We booked the LAST PS of the day at CM (around 11:20). We went to MK for the opening and took advantage of light morning crowds. By 11:00 we had done all of Fantasyland (some rides twice), plus Barnstormer, and Haunted Mansion.

By 11 lines were getting longer and crowds growing, as we exited the park and hopped the monorail to CM. By this time of day, the restaurant is getting emptier, and so we had more character interaction. The meal served as our lunch, and we used the afternoon to do other things.


We have sort of the same situation. I booked 7:30am breakfast at O’Hana’s the day we are going to spend at MK (a Sunday). If we’re done by 8:30, do you think we’d get to MK in time before the huge crowds? Would we be better taking the monorail or does Poly have a boat over to MK entrance? And no, I haven’t bought THE book yet, which is where I’d probably find these answers. Besides, I don’t think THE book would have such unique pictures as only seen here on DC!


Actually the book DOES address this…kind of (i.e., it talks about crowd levels).

The lowest crowds at MK are in the first couple hours of the day. Crowds steadily grow, until peaking around (I think) early afternoon, and then s-l-o-w-l-y start dropping off.

So my opinion on MK is get there early and take advantage of lighter crowds. Then go relax at your resort in the afternoon. Return for the evening fireworks.


I agree with Cave Man…we always do Chef Mickeys around 11-11:30 and hit MK before breakfast…mostly because Chef Mickey’s is A LOT of food…and the later that you go the less people that are there…therefore…more time with the characters!! We’re also not really big breakfast eaters…so we usually eat a muffin or something in the resort food court to hold us over until Chef Mickey’s…
Also it takes about 2 hours to eat at Chef Mickey’s on a good day…and you dont want to rush it…and you would probaly want to arrive early at MK for the gate opening and to rush to Tinkerbell’s Treasures…so…I would push your PS back so you could arrive to the MK gates by at least 8:15-8:30 (IF it’s not an EMH day)


Hm… I LIKED the idea of having the breakfast (didn’t care about the crowds as we have a big party coming with us), and starting off the Disney vacay right, as I don’t know if we’ll be able to gather everyone up @ 11 or so to get them to the breakfast (other breakfasts have been different as it was just the four of us, and the other breakfasts we’ve done were in the park).

I’ll mention it to the others to see what their thoughts are, I’d hate to upset everyone if we have to move it to later in the morning…


I would try and move the PS to 7 if possible. This way you will be able to take your time and make it to the MK for opening. If you get out of breakfast by 8 and walk over to the MK it will only take 10 minutes or so, and you should be somwhere in the middle of the pack with all the park openers.

PS - the later breakfast thing is a really good idea. It works out great espically for the MK. You are out of there having a nice breakfast/lunch right when the crowds begin to swell.


You have great plans for your big day! But, it sounds like you may have over-planned. Decide what is most important and go from there. I doubt you can do the bfast and opening/wake up Tinker Bell all in one morning!

The resort monorail should be running at 7:00. Monorail to MK will run 30 min. prior to park opening. If it’s your first trip, I’d definately take the monorail. If it’s not then walking might be faster.

Is MK having Extra Magic Hour on that day? Just something else to think about.

Chef Mickey’s first seating is at 7am. For our family of 3, we usually allow 15 min. wait time for P.S., 1 hr. for eating/characters and another 30 min. for transportation/lines & bag check. I personally think with a large party the chances are slim that you will make it to the park opening ceremony with a 7:30 P.S… and that would be if you rushed! You’ll also have monorail lines to deal with at that time of day!

For popular PS locations, we always get there about 15-20 min. before our P.S. We have less wait doing it this way and are more likely to be seated at the time we were hoping for. They book many P.S’s for the same time and the first ones to show are the first ones seated. Also, if there were any no shows for an earlier seating, they will seat you right away.

Chef Mickeys is fun for b-days. For our DD, they gave her a specail bday place mat that all the characters signed. They play celebration music on the PA system and everyone in the restaruant waves their napkins in the air. All of the characters (except for Goofy) dance at your table and they give you a decorated cupcake. If you’re going to be at MK another morning, I wouldn’t worry about seeing the opening the first time. Enjoy your special bfast and take it easy. It’s not every year you get to celebrate you bday with the mouse!

You’ll find long lines at the entrance 30 min. prior to the scheduled opening time. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for them to open the park earlier than the announced time. We’ve been there many times when they’ve done this (never on an extra magic hour day).

Also, to be the first one to Tinkerbell’s Treasures you might have to already be in the park at opening. We did this once when we had a 1st seating breakfast at CRT. They have a rope drop in the castle at park opening and you are just steps away from the shop. Cute expreience and we got a certificate for the scrapbook.


What is the MK opening ceremony like?


Oh, that’s is so cute, and sounds like a LOT of fun, especially for a child on their birthday! I’m sure your daughter had a fun birthday that day at Chef Mickey’s! :biggrin: :wink:


Definitely push it back to 7AM. What if service is slow? You should allow yourself the extra time so you can enjoy breakfast and not have to rush.


Thanks again, already ahead of ya (should have updated the thread) I did push it back to 10:50. Just feel weird leaving the park and coming back (unlike most people, we don’t have the luxury of more than 3 days or staying onsite) :slight_smile:


What’s the deal with Tinkerbell’s Treasures and waking her up? I’ve never heard about this.


Just don’t go on May 23rd, I’ve called it :laugh: :laugh: heheheh

Each morning a child (usually a girl) is chosen to wake up Tinkerbell at the store inside the castle (Tinkerbell’s Treasures). The child is loaned a wand to tap on her music box to wake her and release her from her box. The child is given a certificate and stickers… turns out in one of the chest of drawers you can SEE Tinkerbell.


Everyone has offered such great advice, but there were two additional things that I’d add.

#1. The Contemporary (Chef Mickey’s) is a very short walk to MK (about 5-7 minutes, depending on how fast you walk). For the most part, unless there’s ZERO line, it’s faster to walk to MK than to take the monorail, principally because on the monorail you have to go all the way around. The express track doesn’t stop at the Contemporary. I’d highly recommend the walk, particularly right after breakfast. (I know you’ve rescheduled, but just in case this applies to anyone else.)

#2. There is a launch that runs between GF, Poly and MK. While travel time could be a bit longer than the monorail, I’ve found that there’s generally a shorter wait. Also, taking a boat to MK seems all that much more magical.



We decided to do our breakfast PS on one of our MK days at the Crystal Palace rather than Chef Mickeys this time. The day we’re doing it MK is NOT open early so we got an 8:00 ps so that maybe we’ll be done eating (and already be inside the park) in time for all the opening ceremonies.