Chefs Favorites LeCellier DDP?


LeCellier has a “Chef’s Favorites” on their menu which allows a fixed price for appetizer, entree, and dessert. Does anyone know if this option has been allowed on the DDP?


We ate at Le Cellier last August, and it was presented as an option for those on the regular dining plan. We had the Deluxe plan that trip, so it wasn’t an option for us, but we did take note for future trips. So, yes, it is available as your meal option on the DDP, and makes for a better value.


I believe as long as it’s a one credit restaurant, prix fixe meals are included in the dining plan.


I’ll have to remember this. I love this restaurant and I’m all about a chef’s specialty!


Last summer we ate there and LOOOOOOVED it. We had the basic dinnning plan and yes that option was available.Bon Appetit.


That’s cool! We’ll get to sneak appetizers on the DDP.:ninja: