Chef's Table at Victoria & Alberts?


Has anyone ever done this? I was watching the WDW special on the Travel Channel and it looks AMAZING!

I told DH he can take me there for our 15th Anniversary in a couple of years…:wub:

Wondering if anyone out there can tell me if the experience lives up to expectations…
:mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


We intend to have a Chef’s Table at our club. :wub:

It is my understanding that any restaurant that actually has a Chef’s table usually goes out of their way to insure satisfaction. :happy:

Victoria and Alberts looks like one of those restaurants that would especially do well with that setting. :heart:

Hope someone actually has had the chance to experience it! :pirate:


I have to chime in that I’m interested to. I would LOVE to hear any experiences about the chef’s table at V&A!

This would be perfect for our 5th anniversary in 2009, eh hubby? :wink: :heart: (Looks around for Mr. Incredible, wherever he’s lurking…)


We decided against the chef’s table because we wanted the serenity of the dining room. We might try it one day, but the ambiance seems very different. And the atmosphere is part of the attraction for us.


For the record, we ate in the dining room back in '96 (before kids) and LOVED it, but as someone who enjoys cooking AND eating great food, this looks like a fantastic experience!


This is definately on my “to do” list. Hopefully for 10th Anniversary in 3 years.


I had diner there but in the main dining room and i have to say the food was very good,the place was inpecable the whaiters were fenomenal(and all are nemed the same Victorias and Alberts) the menus has your name engraved in gold with the choices you can make one of the choices you decide on every one of the courses the other one is already pair by the chef with wine so you dont chose nothing. After the meal they bring this wierd coffee maker (if you like coffee that is) but is also beautiful and you have your coffee done right there on your table. Just before you are ready to go they bring beautiful red roses for the ladies.
I had a great time but only had one problem,been a baby boomer i never had the experience going to a fancy rest so i had no idea what was what but let me tell you even the garnish tasted good wichever they were :blush:
But after that diner i whent strait to BK i was hungry :laugh: