Ok there is a possiblilty I may be going here for the 1st time next year just for a few days and the quote I have at the moment is inclusive of a free upgrade from the Santa Fe to the Cheyenne. My cousin is a seasoned Disney Paris traveller and hates the thought of staying anywhere other then the Santa fe. She says the Cheyenne is always ‘dead’ and not many stay there and it looks dark and dreary. I would really welcome any advice from those who have stayed or visited here so I can make a judgement call.

Thanks guys



Hiya stranger! Nice to see you in this part of the world. We stayed three times at the Santa Fe when the children were small. We also visited, but didn’t stay in, the Cheyenne, which is just across the ‘Rio Grande’ (in reality a man-made canal about thirty feet wide) from the Santa Fe. Personally I like the Santa Fe for a number of reasons and saw little difference between it and the Cheyenne. When we did upgrade we leapfrogged Cheyenne and went to Sequoia Lodge and then to the Disneyland Hotel. These days we always stay off property as our trips are always made en route to somewhere else. I would tend to agree with your friend that the Cheyenne seemed a bit dead and we hardly ever saw anyone out and about there.

One huge advantage of the Santa Fe is that just outside its gates is an Esso service station where you can buy drinks and all sorts of snacks and things to have in your room or even to take into the parks if you want. It’s the only place anywhere near the parks where you can do this. We found this to be invaluable, as not only did we save a lot of money (always welcome with two small children) but we could get stuff that the kids liked such as crisps and cheese slices and all sorts of things. I would choose the Santa Fe just for that alone. Both hotels are about a ten minute walk to the park gates, but the walk is pleasant along the ‘river’ bank.

If you were to upgrade then I would only do it for the Sequoia Lodge or better (Newport Bay, New York or Disneyland Hotel). It was a couple of years before I realised that Cheyenne was a move upwards from the Santa Fe. I seriously thought it was the cheaper option because it just looks like it is.

Rooms in the Santa Fe are very acceptable, with two double beds and TV, bathroom etc. There are no rooms ‘with a view’ as there’s nothing to see. Rooms are arranged in a series of blocks away from the main reception area and there is always a bit of lugging cases around so make sure you have those wheelie ones.

PM me if you want any more info. I’ve got tons after 17 or so visits!!

Whatever happened to Queen Radio? That’s what I want to know!!:smile:


Oh…how I have missed you! It’s really nice to hear from you Tom. Hope all is well with you and yours?
Thanks for the info on this hotel. I really needed some ‘outsider’ advice as last year my cousin went away with my brother and his family and she gave them constant ear ache because they wanted to stay at a different hotel to the Santa fe and she didn’t. It all got a bit messy and the minute I said we were offered a free upgrade during the quote,to the Cheyenne, she started all over again. Now that you have confirmed what she said, I will certainly listen to her more on it I just did not want to be pushed about on this, so to speak.
Having the facilities of the petrol station to hand is a bonus too. I can imagine that saved quite a bit. I am actually looking forward to going here for a few days- being that we have never been there before. I will certainly call upon your advice services many times before we get there too!..If you don’t mind anyway.

Speak soon my friend

Polly xx

Ps…Queen radio kinda died as DH now fronts a Queen tribute band and things are really way to busy to keep the Radio going. DH is Freddie/PJ Go to Rhapsody The Ultimate Queen Tribute :happy:


You know you can ask me whatever you need. Why no gigs up north? We would definitely go. My wife is a HUGE Queen fan. She goes to see Gary Mullen & any other Queen band she can. She had a ticket for the Queen reunion gig that was cancelled after the London bombings in 2005 and couldn’t get to the rearranged gig.:smile:


Thanks Tom, I knew I could count on you :happy:
Not sure on no northern gigs, I guess it’s just that no one has booked them to play in that direction yet. They certainly wouold never turn a gig down though no matter where it was. They recently played in a place called ‘Pickering’…near sheffield did he tell me??? Can’t remember now and also as far as Switzerland a few weeks ago. He took a detour to the Freddie statue in Montreax( sure your wife will know about this…). Where abouts are you then Tom?




ok ill work on it! :happy: