Chicken and waffles


I saw on another site somewhere that serves chicken and waffles but there was just a pictures that looked amazing.anyone knows where this is served?


I’ve never figured this out, I mean how someone decided these two wildly different foods go together.
I also wondered how new it was and where it originated and the answers are all over the place. One version cites Thomas Jefferson bringing a waffle iron back from France. Another version says it was the Pennsylvania Dutch. Still another version says this was post Civil War. And then there’s a citation that it came out of Harlem in the 1930’s.
But if it’s Penn Dutch in origin, you should be having no problem finding chicken and waffles in your back yard.
Is there a restaurant in WDW that has this on their menu? I can’t say. But seeing as this dish is considered soul food, maybe House of Blues recently started offering it. I’m not sure which WDW restaurant specializes in southern cuisine, but that might be a thought too.


The funnel cake place (Sleepy Hollow)across from the Christmas shop in MK has a couple of waffle sandwiches. My husband had one last summer and thought it was ok, good but not great. I think he expected more but there was a really long wait and I think that played into it. He wants to try the fruit one next time.


There was a huge line there a couple of weeks ago. One of these days I’m going to try a fruit one.