Chicken Little contest


i got an email from about a contest to win a trip to WDW or other great prizes. here is the link for you guys to enter in the contest:

Good Luck!!


I did not get an email about this one. :sad:
Thanks for posting the link! :happy:


I got the same email. Thanks for posting the link for other’s to take a try. :heart:


Rats, didn’t win. Thanks, though.


That’s a cute game. :happy: Didn’t win, but I will try again tomorrow.


Cute game didn’t win though


Hey we are all winners, did you not get the coupon for 10% off. It is a small prize but it was better than nothing. Oh and the game was really cute.


i love the game. i think i got 125 points. i caught all of the acorns. and yes, queensmama, we are all winners. i got a 10% coupon off my next order, too. 10% is better than nothing, right? i did notice some new things in the catalog that i want so this 10% will be used soon. yeah!!


Wow Tragic you sure do know of all the contests!!! Keep them coming i’m bound to wi one of them!!!


Bumping this!



I played!!!


Me tooo that was fun !! thanks so much tragic!!


Cute! I couldn’t get any more than 100 points though, sheesh. I kept catching pieces of the sky on accident. Sheesh.