Child-friendly, non-character


Opinions, please? What’s the most child-friendly, non-character, restaurant at each of the parks? We want to pick one restaurant from each park to eat at this time around that’s not counter service. We’re thinking of doing one resort restaurant, too. Could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Think like a 10-yr-old boy . . .

Thanks! :mickey:


Hmmm…well at The Studios…Sci Fi or Primetime…I think the menu at each is pretty 10 yr old boy friendly :slight_smile:


AK: Rainforest Cafe
MGM: Sci Fi Diner or Hollywood &Vine buffet
MK:all the sitdowns here are character except plaza restaurant (never been) and Tony’s (didn’t like) I would hop the monorail to the Poly and do Ohanas
Epcot: Coral Reef or San Angel Inn

other: Hoop De Doo!


Like Karlie said, the Rainforest Cafe. My DS loves it. There is one in AK and one in DTD.


Biergarten, Liberty Tree, Sci-fi, (Pizza Planet great for kids).
I wouldn’t do Dinner at AK unless its late, go to Chef Mickeys or 1900 Park fare.


MGM - Sci-Fi

For a resort dinner, you may want to head over to the Wilderness Lodge and go to Whispering Canyon. It’s a blast!


I concur with Buzz, Whispering Canyon is great for kids of all ages.
All WDW restaurants are kid friendly (with the possible exception of V&As).
If you’re looking for a great meal I always recommend LeCellier at the Canadian pavillion in Epcot and Artist Pointe at WL. Best food I’ve ever had!!!


Yeah, I know they’re all kid friendly. That’s what Disney is all about . . . brings out the kid in all of us! We ate at Biergarten and Liberty Tavern last time. The food was great, the atmosphere was great. We’re looking for places that DS will walk out saying “That was cool!” A place where he’ll be glad we stopped our park fun to eat! :happy:
Thanks everyone, you’re giving us great suggestions!


I think for sure he would think the Sci-fi was cool. I also concur about the Rainforest Cafe.


As a former 10 year old boy (although my wife may say that sometimes I still act like one) here are my choices.

Disney/MGM: Sci-Fi Drive-in
EPCOT Center: Tepanaki at the Japanese Pavillion or as a second choice Biergarten
Magic Kingdom: O’hana’s at the Poly for dinner
Animal Kingdom: Rainforest Cafe, or Boma’s at the Animal Kingdom Logde (he can check out the animals at the lodge.


LOL :laugh: I like the way you think. :mickey:


Rainforest cafe for sure! It’s awesome! ( found at either DTD or AK)
Sci-fi restaurant at MGM
Boma cafe or Ohana ( Dinner only as breakfast at Ohana is Character)
oh and Planet Hollywood at DTD


Have you tried Hoop Dee Doo? I know it’s not in a park but it’s a short boat ride from MK. My 7, going on 8, year old loves it so we are surprising him with dinner there on his birthday in May.


I am pretty much in agreement with Karliebug. Everything she said is what I would do.