Child Hopper Ticket...What happens when


Does anyone know what happens in the following situation?

You purchase a 10 day child hopper ticket with no expiration. You use half the days on it prior to the the child turning 10 years old. Can you still use the ticket after the child turns 10? Or do you lose the other 5 days?


Hi JungleJim!!
I had that happen last year and I just used the pass. My DS had turned 11 in July and we went to the park in November. I did call Disney and they said that they would upgrade the ticket but I did not bother since it had only been off by a few months. Either way you do not lose the days.


Praisegirl is right, the ticket will still be good when your child is no longer a child in Disney’s eye. You can either use the ticket as is or go to Guest Services and turn it in to an adult ticket. I think I’ve read that you need to have your child with you when you exchange the ticket so Disney knows there really is a child.