Child Swap


Does anybody use the child swap option? I need to know particulars of how to do it? Is it true that when you go back on, you can bring three other guests? Help! :phone:


Yes - we do child swap all the time. The particulars depend on the ride.

Basically you tell the gate attendent you want to child swap. You get a child swap ticket you can use and re-enter thru fast pass lane. I know that’s how it works on RnRC. We’ve always just gotten two extras. (Child swap tickets for the other parent and the two brothers of our swapped kid.) This is great because our 2 sons get to ride the ride twice!

I think that on Star Wars the other parent and baby wait right outside the exit doors. When the ride is over, our boys would just stay in their ride seats and we (the parents) would just switch right at the exit door.

This is a GREAT option for parents!


So the child swap process is ride-specific? OK, sounds like I’ll be figuring it out as I go! :mickey:


It did not take us long to figure it out. Just always ask the attendent - they’ll tell you what to do.

You’ll have the hang of it before you know it!

Have fun!


We just loved this! It made the trip so much easier.


We use Child swap all the time its the best way for a family with little ones to ride everthing. Just tell the ride operator that you will be swaping once you get to the front and it’s as easy as that.