Children on dining plan


I was trying to find the cost of children for the dining plan, but I could not find it on the Disney site. Does anyone know how much it is for children under 5? Thanks!


The dining plan is tied to your park ticket.

Children 2 and under don’t qualify for a dining plan, as they are not required to buy a ticket. They have to share meals with you, or you pay out of pocket, as we did last trip with our 2yo twins.

At 3 years, they have to have a ticket into the park, and thus, they can purchase a meal plan. I believe it’s around $10 a day, but can’t remember exactly.


I think kids 3 and up at 11 or 12 dollars a day.


[QUOTE=Prezcatz;919480]The dining plan is tied to your park ticket.

Not always- we are DVC members and have APs, so the DDP is “tied” to our room key only.


2009 Disney Dining Plan Pricing -
“The price of the Disney Dining Plan is $39.99 per night, per Guest ages 10+ and $10.99 per night, per Guest ages 3-9.”

The Deluxe DP is much more expensive because it is 3 table service meals a day.

I have the brocures in acrobat (pdf) format. If you’d like I can email it to you. Email me if you’d like it.