Children under 3


My 2 yo is big and fairly verbally advanced for her age, is it a good idea to maybe take proof of her age, or will we not be asked?


I don’t think it’s necessary. I took both of my children before they were three (they were just a couple of months shy, in fact) and I didn’t have any problems. Both of mine were taller than most their age, too.


I agree…not necessary. I have never had someone question ages on any vacation, or for that matter anywhere.


You’ll be fine . . . I have a friend whose child is 4 and she still lies to get her in which grrrrrrrrrrr so burns me each time we go!!! :pinch: :pinch:

Last time we went through, she had her in the carriage and the CM said, how old is your child . . . and my friend says “Lucky for me just shy of 3!” The CM knew she was lying . . . but let her in!! :blush: :blush: :blush: I was so annoyed . . . but bit my tongue! :mad:

I let my “friend” know how much it annoys me too, but she’s like PLEASE, I spend enough in the parks and on the other 3 passes . . . I’ll get hers next year! Makes me sooooooo mad! :pinch:

OK rant over . . . point being is YOU’LL BE FINE!! :blush:


I agree - no need. My son was big for his age, and went the month before he turned 3 - and no one questioned us. I did have his birth certificate just incase - but didn’t have to use it. It’s up to you if you want to bring it.


I completely understand what you are saying! And what are you teaching your kids when you blatantly LIE in front of them?! I just don’t get it! :mad:


I think you will be fine, not that I can speak from experience. My youngest is tiny, he is almost 4 1/2 and is barely 40 inches tall and weighs not quite 30 lbs. He could easily pass for 2. But, I am with everyone else, it isn’t the right thing to do, but it is tempting!:laugh:


Unfortunately, I think this will always be the case…:dry: You could probably bring a six-year-old and say they were under 3, and if you were adamant enough about it, they would let you off. :fork_off: I know it’s Disney’s way of keeping people happy, but it really does fry my bacon that people get away with this garbage all the time!

Jackolive, you’ll be fine! No need to bring any ID…my little sister was nearly 3 the first time we took her to Disney and she was HUGE (literally within half an inch of being tall enough for Splash Mountain! :blink:) and talking up a storm. No one ever questioned us when we told them her age. :smile:


We were never asked for my niece’s age (2 mo. before her 3rd birthday). She is a petite little one though…

On a related note, my friend just took her “little sister” to a local water park and discovered that they aren’t using age as the price break anymore. They’re using height instead. Imagine her surprise at paying the adult price for a tall 7yo! I guess they’ve had too many people lying to get the discounted rates…


Miss Caisley is SUPER crazy tall for her age and we had no problem when she was under 2.

I think they don’t pay much attention when they are in a stroller (as long as they aren’t smooshed into the stroller because they are 6 and the parents are trying to get a free admission!)

I wish they would go by height, though. Miss Caisley can ride everything, so I don’t mind paying for her entrance into the places we go. She’s tall and she gets to play, but I feel super bad for the really short 3 year olds who can’t do anything but the parents had to pay admission.

I guess the MK doesn’t count though. Almost everything can be ridden there.


Oh dang. I digressed, huh? too much coffee!


You will not be asked.


Disney won’t question you like that and make you feel like you’re trying to do something wrong. My little niece was 2 last year when we took her and she is tall and growing up in a house of ten and being the only child at the time so talks like a grown up, seriously. Even better then a six year old, and they never said anything to us. I think you will be perfectly fine! Have a magical time there! :wub:


I don’t think it’s a silly question at all. We had the same “problem” with our boys and took their birth certificates, just in case someone was questioning their age. Besides, it’s good to have them with you as travel documents anyway unless they have passports, right?


Wow, I’m not sure if I love or hate the height thing. It seems like a great way to prevent people from “cheating”, but at the same time when my sister was 2 she was literally the height of a 5-year-old. :whistling

It’s probably a really good system to use though.


This is SO funny…DD JUST turned 3 on 5/23. We just came back from the doctor’s office an hour or so ago…and she is 39 1/2 inches tall! :laugh: She just might be tall enough for Splash in November! :laugh:


:eek: She just might!!

That is too funny! :laugh:

(My sister’s taller than me now though, so I don’t think of her height as a laughing matter anymore. :ph34r:)


Stinks that I have to buy her a ticket now. :pinch: But I did just get a good deal on a 10 Day, MYW Park Hopper, Water Park Fun & More, Non Expiration ticket for $430 including tax!!! :laugh: :cool: ($63 cheaper than Disney charges for ADVANCE tickets on!!! :eek: )


WOW that is a GREAT deal!!! :eek: What a score!


HAHAHA…:laugh: . Not too GREAT on the pocket right now…but in the long run, it will be worth it! :laugh: (20 park days on that puppy)


Yeah that’s definitely a hit on the pocketbook. :pinch: But man, you’ll get a lot of use out of that thing for sure! :smile: