Children's ages


Just received our travel docs, we leave Saturday! One problem, my travel agent listed my daughters’ ages as 7 and 8, instead of 8 and 9 like they actually are. Since the age break doesn’t change until age 10, is this something I need to worry about for our park tickets and dining plan? Thanks for any help and advice. We are getting sooo excited!


I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Like you said, to Disney, an 8 yo and a 9yo is the same as a 7yo and an 8yo. It won’t make a bit of difference. Go and have a magical time! :mickey:


I wouldn’t worry about it unless you 8 year old looks like a 16 year old, then i would worry.


Welcome to MouseBuzz.

Like the other posters I wouldn’t get too stressed about it. My son’s age has been wrong for a couple of years and I keep trying to change it but it nevers seems to stick in the computer. I’m only worried because they have him as a year older and he’s getting closer to that 10 year old mark.

Do you have your trip planned out? Where are you staying, what restaurants are you planning to go to?


Sometimes it seems like she’s sixteen, wait a minute, no, that’s just her attitude! Thanks for your help!


We are staying at CBR from 08/05-08/12, first time to Disney for my family of 4. We are eating at Chef Mickey’s (dinner), 50’s Prime Time (dinner), Whispering Canyon (breakfast), Sci-Fi (dinner), All-Star Sport Cafe (dinner), Crystal Palace (breakfast), and Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner). Not a wide variety of menus I know, but for a traditional midwestern family who like things pretty simple, I think we’ll do o.k. What do you think? Thanks for asking!


Those are great places to eat, they are so different from any restaurant at home so you are going to have a great time. Most of your coices are places we try to hit each trip. We love having dinner at Liberty Tree tavern, the character interaction is always good and the food is good comfort food. Whispering Canyon Cafe is a blast and breakfast is our favorite meal there. Sci Fi is great, the atmosphere is awesome and we stick to sandwiches and have never had a problem with the food. 50’s PT is another great place especially if you get a good server.


And Crystal Palace is a great spot for breakfast. Great character interaction, decent food, for a buffett, and you can’t beat the location, can you? :mickey:


You are all helping me get so excited! and hungry?!


Welcome to Mousebuzz. Those are some great choices to eat at (but avoid the shrimp cocktail at 50’s PrimeTime :blow: ).

The best piece of advice I can add is get to the parks early (re: opening). This will help you beat the “sleep-in” crowds. You’ll wind up doing more during the coolest part of the day. Then go back to your resort to rest/swim in the crowded afternoons. Finally, return to the parks in the late afternoon when crowds are thinning.

This will save you hours of standing in line.


Thank you so much. Early mornings are our plan (I’ve even had my girls start practicing getting up somewhat early this week (7:00 a.m. to try to get their bodies used to it). The only thing that makes it more difficult is that we are on Central time, so even getting up at 7 a.m. at Disney, will be like 6 a.m. for us. I’m hoping they will be so excited it won’t be hard to wake them ( I know I don’t sleep well when I’m excited!) Our first major test will be this Saturday when we bet up between 3:00 and 3:30 a.m. to get to the airport in time for our 6:11 a.m. take off! Wish us luck! Thanks for everything!