Children's Menu


My DD will be 10 when we go in August. I know for any buffets/family style we’ll have to pay for the adult price but can she order off the children’s menu at other restaurants? She and I will share a lot of meals but I know there will be times she will definitely want her chicken tenders. And she loves some of the kid’s desserts.


You’re absolutely right, you pay adult price for buffets, dinner shows, etc. But anyone can order from the kids menu. :happy:


Our son has never been questioned. He was 11 on our last trip.


Thanks! That’s great news. We’ve use the DDP in the past but now that she is an “adult”:ohmy: we are doing out of pocket.


That’s what we started doing once our son became an “adult.”. I know he wouldn’t eat $40 worth of food every day and we don’t want to try to use his credits along with ours.