Chime in if you have stayed DVC at AKL


I am having remorse about picking Kidani over Jambo House. I read pros and cons to both, but it is the lack of counter service for breafast or a late snack after flying in - I am thinking is bad. Here are our facts.

It is a short trip - 2 nights before our cruise. We arrive Thrus eve and depart Sat morning.

There are 3 familys staying in 3 studio rooms. The main reason for picking this resort is so that the children can see the animals from our savannah view.

We will most likely have a park day on Friday.

I chose Kidani because I read that you can get savannah views on lower floors and the animal interaction can be better vs. the 5th and 6th floor at Jambo.

We still might be able to switch. What would you do? Perhaps not worry about it since it is such a short stay?


i wouldn’t worry about it because it’s such a short stay. You have to try something new and this is a good time to try it. Imagine if it were a longer trip and you weren’t happy? I think this is a good way to experiment.


We really enjoyed our stay at Kidani. It’s very quiet and laid-back - certainly not as busy as Jambo House - but it’s only a short walk if you want to go over. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. We had a savanna view on the second floor and we were very close to the animals. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was that the rooms were very dim - I understand that it’s part of the “theme” - but I like bright rooms.


We stayed at there our last trip. We really liked it. We had pick Kidani with our DGDs for the same reasons you mentioned. One drawback is how far your room might be from the lobby. If you were driving, it wouldn’t such a big deal since parking is underneath the resort. I thought our room was kind of far and it was only halfway around the bend. As for food, there is a van that runs back and forth all day between the two resorts. Several times we hop over bought food at Mara and hop back into the van.


Kadani does have that water play area for the kids which is really nice, and it did have a store that had drinks and stuff, it’s not as big as the one over at Jiko, but they had snacks. It doesn’t bother me to be away from the main area so the fact that the DVC complex is big doesn’t bother me. Your only going to be there for two nights, this way you can see if you like it and would like to spend more time there.

The only thing negative I have to say about Kadani is that when we stayed there we were in a studio lock off and you could hear the people in the next room. I’m not sure if it was because this location is built as well as the other DVC resorts (we’ve never had this problem at any of the other resorts) or if the people in the other room were just very loud.

Hope you have a magical trip!


Hey, starting to feel better about this already! Thanks!


Also, Kadani has room service.


I forgot about the water feature. My DGDs (3 and 7) loved it.

As far as breakfast, for two mornings, I could would bring a box of cereal with me and buy donuts or bagels and milk at the gift shop.

We had stayed in a 1 bedroom for three night. On the morning that we had to leave, the 3 yr old said “but grandma, I don’t want to leave your house”. When they got home, my DD said all they talked about was the animals.


Too cute.

Jk - Hakuna Matata! No worries. :laugh:

Your are going to WDW and a cruise! Just make a grocery stop for a few munchies. Whatever is left take with you on the cruise.


We stayed at Kidani with 15 people in 2011. I was nervous that people would not like the long hallways or lack of counter service but everyone LOVED it. It is so similar to Jambo House and yet so different at the same time. I don’t really know how to explain it. We really loved having a quiet resort getaway at the end of our busy WDW days. And the pool area was fantastic.


We stayed in AKL and loved it. The real fun interaction was late in the afternoons after coming back from the parks they put on nice little drumming classes for the native drums of Africa that get the guests involved. Also you can walk out into the animals to a viewing area (in a proctected area) with a nice outside fire. The staff are very fun to talk to and find out where they come from.
The rooms are indeed dark. You park under the building. The only negative we have is the sleeper sofa that they crow about being nice was horrible according to my oldest daughter. We had the 1 bedroom villa so she had the sofa and the youngest took the chair which she loved.

Make sure to study up on your swahili as you may be welcomed home with “Hujambo”. The proper response is “sijambo”. Also be aware that kidani is swahili for necklace which is the shape of the resort.