Chip and Dale


Which is which?

Lisa :mickey:


Chip has the darker nose–like a chocolate chip.


That’s a good way to remember it! :mickey:


Thanks, that’s always been my trick when they aren’t wearing their names.


Love them both


I have never given much thought to chip n dale. Now they are popping up on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other places and they are too cute and funny. I want to give them the respect they deserve! Thanks teacher. That is a very easy way to remember, I will never forget!

Lisa :mickey:


I heard that along time ago and I have always used it to remember! :laugh:


I always remember who Dale is because his big, red nose makes him look really goofy like his personality. :laugh: :tongue:


They might be the most accessible characters in WDW. I think I’ve met them at every park.


Chip and Dale also the Rescue Rangers.


Also, their teeth are different. Chip’s front teeth are close together, touching. Dale’s are spread apart. However, the chocolate chip nose is the easiest way to remember.


Chip and Dale are MY BABIES!!!
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You beat me to it, I was gonna say the same thing:happy:


:laugh: :laugh:

To sum it up, Dale is the goofier looking one!!


THey were my daughter’s first favorites. :slight_smile: When she was an infant in her carrier, I have pictures of her giggling up at them… The next year, at 15 months, Chip came up to her and held up his hand for a high four… SHe was eating a banana at the time…and handed him her half eaten banana instead… Later, Dale came by and tried the same stunt…he, too, got a piece of banana! LOL.

One of my favorite pictures of my kids is with Chip & Dale a la Tyhpoon Lagoon tropical beachware…


CHip is in my backyard!!!
I took a Pic of him!!!
I have to upload it to my computer!
he’s sooo cute! :happy:
He comes out every morning, and sits out on the bricks stacked next to our shed, so 1 morning I ran and got my camera!


Almost too accessible. By the end of every trip, my kids don’t even notice C & D because they have seen them so much.


They’ve been my favorite since I was a child.

A story: On one trip, I found them all the way in the back of AK with nobody around except a “handler”. Remember, nobody else around. So, I try to get a pic of me with BOTH of them. Well, the handler says “Sorry, but if we do that, everyone will want one.” So I look around again, and ask who. This turned out to be the only time in 10 plus visits to WDW that I ran into a CM with an attitude. I ended up just walking away when one of them, Chip or Dale, chased me down and let me take the pic with both. Wish I had it to post but that was before the digicam.

Tigger has also always been my favorite. Here’s a pic from about 10 years ago:
He was “commenting” on my tattoo being like his stripes.


Yahoo! Photos - valsan71’s Photos - JULY 2006 010


That looks like Dale. He’s lucky he didn’t come to my house. Those two animals on my avatar would probably eat him.