Chip n Dale campfire


Can anyone who has attended this give me any more info on it, or possibly a schedule? thanks:laugh:


Hello. I havent attended but will be in Oct. Check out Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World i find alot of info on the site for FW.


From Build A Better Mousetrip:

There is a free Campfire Sing-Along with Chip & Dale at the WDW Fort Wilderness Campground. It generally begins around 7 p.m. during the fall/winter season and 8 p.m. after the time changes in April through the summer. It is held near the Meadow Trading Post in the campfire area. The program begins with a sing-along led by a Disney cast member - if you’ve seen “Barney”, you know these songs - and a marshmallow roast around two campfire rings. You may bring your own marshmallows or buy them at the Chuckwagon Snack Bar (roasting sticks and marshmallows are $2, s’mores kit is around $5). You may also buy pizza, hot dogs, candy, nachos, juice, popcorn, sodas, coffee, beer and other refreshments at the Chuckwagon. While this is going on, Chip and Dale make an appearance to visit with guests and sign autographs. The sing-along lasts about 40 minutes.

Next, a Disney movie is shown on a large outdoor screen. Seating is available in bleachers or on benches. There is also plenty of room to lay out a quilt or blanket. The movie schedule is posted at all comfort stations. In the event of rain, the sing-along is still held on the porch of the Meadow Trading Post.

The campground also has a free petting zoo and pony rides (about $3 each) that close earlier in the afternoon. These are in the “Settlement Trading Post” area - take the Ft. Wilderness internal bus. The “Trail’s End Buffeteria” is considered one of WDW’s best buffet values. The Trail’s End also has a carry-out window called “Trails-To-Go” 16-inch pizzas and fried chicken meals – both individually sized and family sized. If you have a free day (or your arrival day), you can go early and see the petting zoo, have a nice dinner, and then head over to the Sing-Along.

You can also rent boats or kayaks from the Fort Wilderness Marina.

The Electric Water Pageant can be seen from the Ft Wilderness Marina.


Do you have to stay at the Campground to go to the Sing-Along?
No, it is available to all Disney Guests.

How do I get to the Campground?
You can take a bus from your resort to the nearest Disney theme park, water park, or Downtown Disney. Then catch the bus there to the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. You can also take a boat from the Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. They have their own internal bus system that will take you to the “Meadow Trading Post” Area or the “Settlement Trading Post” area.

Is there a charge or admission fee?

The Sing-Along and Movie are free – you can purchase S’mores kits or other refreshments.
Wagon Rides are available at Pioneer Hall nightly at 7:00PM and 9:30 PM - $8 Adults, $5 children.
Pony Rides are available from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM for children ages 2 – 8, weighing less than 80 pounds

What if it rains?
There is a covered porch area that they might move the Sing-Along to if a full evening of rain is expected - the movie will be cancelled. For brief rain showers, they may pause and let you take cover until it passes.

Are there restrooms?
Yes, there are nice restrooms behind the snack bar area.


Thanks so much for all the great information. That just took care of my questions :laugh:


We are hoping to do this on our upcoming trip too! It sounds like fun.


Really, if you needed a smooth and relaxing trip for toddlers or maybe seniors, you could really add a Tom Sawyer Island afternoon on one day, and this campfire on another night. It really would be possible for a grandparent-grandchild trip to be really manageable for everyone. Good to know for trips we plan in a few decades!


Thi sis one of the things we’re aiming to do on our next vacation… One of the things I love about Disney is these little “extra’s” that I keep discovering ! :slight_smile:


Wow, I haven’t done Chip’N’Dale campfire since i was about 4-6. Im hoping to do it this upcoming trip, just a little walk down memory lane. I love the Campfire, and it’s a good excuse for smores.


Hate to jack but Wow, you look great. New pic? Love the hair.


We try to do this every trip–I am cheap and pack my own smores stuff :blush:
The kids seem to really enjoy it, and we do too!

If it hasn’t been mentioned, bring bugspray!


So should we consider this for our September trip?


This is one of WDW’s best unknown events we think. The dk’s just loved it and I second the bug spray.


I think we are going to try it for the first time in June. I’m kinda’ excited to do something new.


Love the campfire program!! I have great memories of it from when I was little and now memories with my boys :wub:. The sing along is fun and Chip and Dale make their way around so that everybody has time to take pictures and say hello. Take you own s’more supplies and bug spray cause it may be needed :glare:


This is absolutely my FAVORITE activity at WDW. The photo ops are awesome, Chip and Dale are great, and the Cowboy guy is fantastic.


Just passing along a little info~ I talked to a CM last night (clearing up some ADRs) & she said the Campfire is at 8pm every night in September- hope that helps someone~ it was good news for us so now we can work it in on the night that suits our schedule best:wub:


I forgot all about this, maybe we will do this in October!


FYI! The kits are pricey $8 for a mini box of grahams, 8 marshmallows and 2 bars of chocolate. You are better off bringing your own. They sell the sticks for .75¢ each.

LOADS of FUN!! We love it too.

Each month this site updates the Movie Schedule: (MAY)

Fort Wilderness Campfire Movie Schedule • Walt Disney World


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;1032683]FYI! The kits are pricey $8 for a mini box of grahams, 8 marshmallows and 2 bars of chocolate. You are better off bringing your own. They sell the sticks for .75¢ each.

LOADS of FUN!! We love it too.

Each month this site updates the Movie Schedule: (MAY)

Fort Wilderness Campfire Movie Schedule • Walt Disney World[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the info! This is something we’ve never done…we’ll have to check it out when the weather cools back down a little.