Chit Chat


I apologize ahead of time since i am sure this question has been asked. But how many posts do you have to have before you can see the chit chat area?



100 posts, so you still have a bit to go.


I had over 100 posts for a few weeks and didn’t even notice it.
Once you start posting, it becomes an wonderful addition.

Happy posting


I’m almost there…this will be 99. Can you tell that I am trying desperately to increase my post count. I promise I will calm down once I get to 100.


Just to bring up the 100…what is the chit chat area. I was working on the 100 to get the countdown.


never mind…i found it


I’m trying to get to 100, but it’s taking a looooooong time :sad:
Maybe by the time my next trip rolls around next year…


Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Just keep swimming…


thats my line !!!

I see that some of you have the postcount to join the rest of us disney freaks in chitchat :slight_smile:


Hey Bransworld… you made it! Now we have to teach you the secret handshake! LOL


and the official greeting…


Just 1 more post to get me to #100! Then I can join in the chit-chat! :laugh:


ok- So now what??? i feel left out


You may have to log out and come back in to see the forum. Once you do that you should see it in the list of forums.


oh fun-
let me leave then!!! be right back! Paula is going to be so proud of me! This must be the BIG secret of the century!


Isn’t there a 90 day rule and a 100 post count now?


Yes, there is now a 90 day rule.


Doesn’t matter in Theresa’s case, she’s been a member for almost a year. How come we have never “seen” her here?:pinch:


I think it’s 100 posts and 90 days. She should be able to get to it but it may take a short time for her account to get updated, I don’t know how all that stuff works.


I’m here now :smile: thanks much! You didn’t see me because for Months I couldn’t post but would just talk to Paula and then finally got my account sorted out… Now I am planning- just bought at Sheraton Vistana Villages and wanted to learn as much as I could before going to stay at Swan for the first time… I’m an addict- just like all of you- It’s so bad ! Oh, and I scrapbook too!!!