Choclate Shakes


Years ago, I remember being able to get chocolate shakes and several of the restaurants, especially in the Magic Kingdom. They were similiar to a Wendy’s Frosty and my kids loved them. I haven’t been able to fing them in several years and wonder if after re-doing the menus decided to stop selling them. Any suggestions on where to get them? Leaving for the Polynesian in 9 days!!!:mickey:


Welcome to MB! sorry I can’t help with the chocolate shake question. Have a great trip, come back and tell us all about it?


Welcome to MB and hope your holiday is wonderful.

Disney is constantly changing their menus. I still miss the wonderful sticky buns from the bakery at Tusker House. I’d think you’re best bet to find a chocolate shake would be Beachs 'n Cream at the Beach Club.


Don’t know about the type you’re speaking of but you can get a really good one at Sci-Fi Theater in HS and of course at Ghiradelli’s at DTD which is 2nd to none anywhere. But i’m a big fan of Ghiradelli’s :biggrin:


Hi and welcome! One of the places we always go to for those shakes is in Hollywood Studios. It is called Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner right near Echo Lake . The shakes are not listed on the menu but are definitely available. We just got them there last month. I hope you love the Polynesian. That’s where we stayed too!


Had an excellent hand scooped chocolate shake @ POP century food court last week. I think you should google the 2011 WDW snacks list and find where they are available. Really should find many sites to provide a good one.


Welcome to MB! :happy:

Not sure about Magic Kingdom, but I know they have chocolate shakes at Tamu Tamu in Animal Kingdom, if you end up over there. Have a great trip! :mickey:


I think the poster is looking for “thick” shakes, not real milk shakes.
As to that, I think that the “thick” shake is extinct in WDW, unless some of the QS counters still might have them.
Not being a fan, I’m sorry to say I can’t steer you in the right direction.
You could look at menus at All and see if you can tell just by price and description.

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World

By the way, I just discovered that Cosmic Ray’s is now serving gelato!
(I wonder if it’s good?)


I use to get chocolate Shakes at Mrs. Potts Cupboard by the Pooh Ride. Although have’nt got one in a while, I think you can still get them there.


Thanks very much for all the tips!


We got shakes at the ice cream shoppe on main street in MK in August. They weren’t evev close to a frosty though :frowning:


Soundgod…going in a couple of weeks. I am going to try the Gelato. I’ll let ya know.


This shows how messed up we’ve become when a “Frosty” type thick shake is preferred over a real freshly made with ice cream and milk milk shake:nonono2:

Doesn’t any one realize that a “thick shake” is nothing more than melted soft serve ice milk with “extenders”.


Right now, even though I haven’t planned anything yet, we should be in WDW between Oct 21 and Oct 25.

I think.

On the other hand, the Beach Club’s lobby shop/quick serve food source has gelato and that stuff was good last time we had it.
If Cosmic Ray’s has the same stuff, it will be good, but they really do need to have amaratto and cappuccino flavors:wub:


I have not seen them in the parks in a long time, BUT if you really want an awesome chocolate shake I highly suggest going to DTD and hitting Ghirardelli’s. OMG! THAT is a chocolate shake!!!