Chocolate Fondue at Kona, what comes with it?


So I noticed on the Kona menu (okay so I read this menu once a week, so what, it is so yummy) that they have chocolate fondue for dessert. Does anybody know what dippers they serve with it? I :wub: chocolate fondue especially with strawberries!


I want to say a variety of fruits…that’s what makes sense. I can’t remember if I read that here or dreamed about it…I WANT that fondue too!:laugh:


I believe it’s just fruits although they should include some sort of pound cake as well.


I’m gonna have to try this in December, it sounds scrumptous!


Hmmmm, I never noticed that before. I’d eat cardboard if it was dipped in chocolate fondue.:redface:


Oh, me too! That sounds so yummy!!


Love that! and me too- must try that next trip ( the fondue not cardboard) sounds scrummy.


That sounds absolutely perfect…mmmm


Yum, that sounds tasty!! I agree with Soundgod-pound cake would be delish!! Also, little tiny pieces of cheesecake, and maybe even marshmallows. I am very easy to please when it comes to chocolate fondue.


Umm sounds yummy, I will have to try to convince DH he has to try it when we go out there.


ok maybe we will add Konas for dinner. anytime something starts with chocolate is a good time :biggrin: have to check out the menu


I was on disboards one days scrolling thru an enormous thread of food pictures and they had one of the choc fondue. It showed fruit with it and there were definately strawberries! Oh and it looked great!


Thanks, I will be in heaven with chocolate fondue and strawberries. Dang, now I’m craving it!


I’ll have to try it in September!! We love chocolate fondue. My husband would also eat cardboard dipped in chocolate :wink:


You and me both! I love me my chocolate fondue! My favorite dipping thing is banana! Strawberries are second:happy: Of course…I also really like cheese fondue!:whistling


Everyone who tries it will have to send us their reviews. Even though I’m not sure how you could go wrong with Chocolate Fondue! I think that will be all I order. I’d have to skip dinner! I can already see my Mom peaking over my fondue right after she scolds me for ordering…my Dad also saying “Deb you know your gonna be eating with her!” The joys of bringing the parents along! Oooppsss my fault for doing joint DVC. I wonder how much I would actaully get for myself…I may need to get my own table!


I see somebody else has been to The Melting Pot.
I’m lucky, our place in Miami was literally across the street from one and we have one here in Coral Springs that’s only about a mile and a half away.


I LOVE The Melting Pot!!! We have on in Greenville, SC. Unfortunately for me DH hates it so I hardly ever get to go. Thus the whole reason I will be dreaming of Kona Cafe and the fondue from now until November!