Christmas 2013 Trip


We tried a few new things this trip. We started just before a snow storm. We did a park and fly from a Milwaukee motel on the Saturday before our flight. We could hear the planes flying out during the storm, so we knew we could get out but we did have a small delay.


[COLOR="#0000FF"]We did have about a 90 min. delay. We were just happy to get out at all. When we got to Orlando it was in the mid 80’s. We stayed at Riverside Port Orlands this trip. The resort was very nice, but we were so far from the Lobby/food court area. Never staying here before we found ourselfs lost on the walk to our room. I bell man delivering bags not only helped us find our way ,but drove us and delivered our carry on bags to our room. Soon we were out of our winter gear and into summer shorts and on are way to the MK.[/COLOR]


Yay!!! A trip report! Keep it coming!


…although I love the decor of Riverside, PO French Quarter is much smaller and everything is closer in…you might like that resort next door better next time. :happy:

Can’t wait to read more…


Oh, yea!! Wild winter weather in the midwest this weekend so a new TR is just what I needed. Can’t wait to read more! (We do the park and fly out of Milwaukee, too. Great way to go when we want an early flight out and then we don’t worry about the car.)


We did think about going to the French Quarter and if we stay at a moderate again we will really think hard about the French Quarter. For the most part the service was great at Riverside, but we were a long way from the main building.


We’ve never stayed at there, but just resort hopped. I’m amazed how spread out things are.


We did love the park and fly it was something new to us. It was the 1st time we used Milwaukee airport it was smaller and easy to get around in.


Ha! I was always getting lost at Riverside! :laugh: But I don’t mind being far from the main building, so Riverside remains my favorite. :heart:


We have only stayed at RS once 20 years ago…and we were the building farthest away from everything…they didn’t even have a bus stop back there then…it was a long walk from the bus at night. we tried PO next and have found that to be our favorite moderate. :slight_smile:


We did miss our ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern. We did a few rides HM, POC then we got caught behind the Main Street Electrical Parade and there was no way to get anywhere near the castle to see the fireworks. We have been to disney on spring breaks in the 80’s and in 2011 the week after the 4th of July.
There were more people in the MK this week then we had ever seen before. We did make the 2nd castle show and stayed in the park intil about 2am before going back to Riverside.


Isn’t that castle show just unexpectedly cool? Or maybe you did expect it to be cool. I didn’t!


You know it really isn’t THAT far…but at the time we stayed there, I had a tired 5 year old without a stroller who was too too tired at 11PM to walk to the back of the resort…she was too big to carry…but I just kept telling her to keep going keep going…I kept hoping for the luggage guy with the golf cart to come by but nope…lol I do love the decor at RS and the food court is bigger than POFQ…but…my DD won’t let me book anywhere but POFQ now… :slight_smile:

I think they added that last bus stop back there by Magnolia Bend not too long after we stayed there…


On our first full day we started with a ADR at Tusker House for Donald’s Safari Breakfast. Followed by Kilimanjaro Safaris ,Flights of Wonder,Festival of the Lion King and a fast pass for Kilimanjaro Safaris. Then we broke one of our most important rules which would catch up to us later. We didn’t take a rest break. WE found out years ago that we could start early and stay late only if we took a rest break in mid-day.


Here are a few more from AK.


From Ak we made are way to EPCOT. We had a ADR at Chefs de France for the Candlelight Processional Dinner. The food was very good. We had some time before our time for the Candlelight Processional so we did so shopping and seen the American Adventure. We lined up for the Candlelight Processional and the line was all the way back to Morocco.


Loving the trip report! Can’t wait to hear more!


WE had great seats for the Candlelight Processional, it was just beautiful until it started to rain. It started slow then after a few mins. it came down real hard.:sad: About half the people left and we did too. I found some rain coats and we went back to see the last few mins. and then the rain stopped.:laugh: So we made are way to the firework area, we had a long wait. It was well worth the wait. It was the best IllumiNations program I have ever seen.


…who was the reader this year?:smile:


The night we seen it , it was Steven Curtis Chapman . He did a nice job , but before this I ready did not know who he was.