Christmas at DL?


is there anything at DL similar to WDW’s Christmas celebrations? thinking of a future trip ( in a couple of years) and debating if going during December is better than another time.


Christmas is the best time for Disneyland…

Main street has all the decorations up. :happy:

I went in 2003. :heart:

I will be there again this December. :wub:


The last time I saw Christmas at DL, I was probably about 6-7 years old and thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. :cool:

I’m sure they’ve upgraded the decorations since then. :blush:

I’ll be there in about six weeks and am looking forward to seeing it all. I :heart: all the :tinytree: holiday stuff :tinytree: Disney does in WDW, and this will be a fun comparison.


Like 626 and Volde said…they decorate DL so nicely!! AND…you can see the snow on Main St…for FREE!!! No need to pay extra for the Christmas party. It will magically snow on Main St. after every parade and fireworks show. Weather permitting of course.


That’s the best part!!! :wub:

I don’t care if it’s fake Hollywood snow. If it looks like the real thing, I’m happy. :happy: I actually miss snow, living in the tropics. But now that I’ve turned into a warm-weather-acclimated WUSS, fake snow is probably my safest option. :laugh:

I can’t wait to see all the snow effects they’re doing on the castle this year. :cool:


Haha…you want to talk about warm-weather-acclimated WUSS…I was in Hawaii for two weeks and came back to California…62 degrees…I was FREEZING!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :pinch:

I too love the snow effect even if it doesn’t freeze the nose!
Can’t wait to see it again this year:happy:


Yep, it’s gonna be purty. :wub:

I’m sure Hawaii was spectacular. I mean, it usually is, but you were there at a PERFECT (I should say purrrrrfect) time, weather-wise.

I will also take this opportunity to PUBLICLY recant everything I ever said to 6-2-6 about 50-degree temps not being cold. I have already offered the same to him via personal correspondence – that’s how cold I’ve been.

And if that doesn’t tickle his “I told you so” button, I don’t know what will.


thanks guys! I wondered about the christmas party - and it’s free at DL - awesome!!

so now i just gotta convince DH to go there in 2009 instead of WDW. and I may have to keep convincing myself too!

we are also considering a cruise…too many things to think about!!


Here is a GREAT way to convince him to go in 2009 - go for xmas (if this is when you were planning to go in 2009) and go over to DCA to see all the new stuff in DCA and see the new Nighttime Paradise Bay Spectacular - Disney’s World of Color!!! It will be WAAAY worth it!!


Christmas at DL is even better than at WDW (in my opinion)! Since it’s smaller, decor is everywhere. The Haunted Mansion gets converted into the Nightmare before Christmas, and they change it’s a small world so that the children are singing Christmas carols.


Oh yeah. :glare:

I forgot about that. :pirate:

Not that I go into the evil cave very often… :pinch:

But I’m sure you would like it… :laugh:


haha… when I first read that, I thought it was some sort of short joke towards me (I am quite used to short jokes). I guess it might be… :laugh:


No short joke intended… :pinch:


Wow, that sounds GREAT! I would :heart: to go to DL at Xmas . . . or anytime, since I’ve never been!! :glare:


those things do sound great!! I’m working on him!

plus, it’s looking my grandma may end up moving to California (my uncle built her an apartment in his house) in the next year or 2 - it’d be a great chance to get to see her too!

so…4 days at DL and 2 or 3 at Grandma’s (in Victorville) - that’d be a good week at Christmas!


Just a word to the wise… :pirate:

It’s cold in the High Desert (where Victorville is located). Much colder than the coast… :ohmy:


Not sure if this is current, but I think I remember reading something about the Candlelight Processional. I remember it being quite a bit different than WDW, but not recalling in what ways. Maybe only offered a few days around Christmas, rather than 6 weeks? Maybe not 3 nightly performances? Maybe someone else with more knowledge can help.


If I recall correctly (I havent attended DLRs Candlelight Processional since '04 because Im not a huge fan of it, not sure why) but I believe its only one weekend and thats it.


yeah, we may be double packing! well, its better than indiana - anywhere is better than here for a vacation!!

thanks for the heads up though!


Christmas at DL is the best there is! :biggrin:

I am looking forward to seeing WDW set up for the holidays real soon, but I have a hunch WDW doesn’t do the decor quite as nice as DL. New Orleans Square is better than beautiful! It’s a Small World is spectacular! You must do a holiday trip to DL! MUST-MUST-MUST! :wink: