Christmas at the Moderates


So… we’ve decided on our dates… December 3-7… and we’ve decided on our resort level… moderate.

We chose the dates because my dad really wants to surround himself with Christmas stuff. Everyone always talks about the glory of the Deluxe resorts at Christmas, but how do the moderates stack up, decoration-wise, against each other? What do each of them do to celebrate the season? Which one is the most Christmas-y?

I’m leaning toward POR, but my parents live on the side of a mountain, surrounded by pine trees, overlooking a lake. So the ambience wouldn’t be much of a change for them. My dad’s watching the videos to see what appeals to him, but knowing about the level of Christmas decor might help him make a decision.

Thanks for any input anyone’s got!


My favorite mod is POFQ. I like the smallness of it and the closeness to DTD. I had a wonderful stay there in October and think the service I received at that resort to be the best I have ever had in all of WDW. I don’t know about their holiday decore, but good service beats out that any day to me. I can’t wait to hear what you decide.


I liked the holiday ambiance at Coronado Springs. The HUGe tree in the entry was beautiful (I will look for the pic, I know I have one) and they do these AWESOME gingerbread houses by the Pepper Market.

#4 has some great pics of Coronado Springs at Christmastime–it looks beautiful!


I love the contemporary and GF at xmas time.


Yes, POFQ is great at Christmas


Have a great trip! I’ve never been at x-mas but that is on my list of things to definitely do. Here is a little tease. :wub:


Andrea, we stayed at POR & POFQ last year in early December, and the decorations are fabulous. I think every resort does an outstanding job at the holidays. We had stayed at WL one holiday season, and I was worried about being let down staying at a moderate, but it was every bit as beautiful. I agree with Dana about the intimateness of the POFQ. It is very special in my opinion!


Thanks, Buzz2001- those are really spectacular! And thanks everyone for the input.

After encouraging my parents to look at the Disney DVD that mysteriously showed up at their house :whistling the decision has been reached: POFQ! I’m really excited about this. :happy: :happy: :happy:

I’m less excited about the food court- I think it’s kinda tacky compared to POR. But how much time am I really going to spend there? As much as I loved POR and will go back someday, I’m also excited about staying in a different place.


That’s funny about the food courts, because I really despised the food court at POR! It was always crowded, no matter when we were there, and I found the one at POFQ so much nicer!

Plus, they have Beignets! And those marvelous ice cream sandwiches!


I just like to be places that are pretty. :wub:

Oh, no. Beignets. DH is going to gain 5 lbs on those alone. DS will never NOT be covered in powdered sugar…


Andrea, honestly, they are all beautiful at Christmas. You can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose.


I found the food court to be awesome. My DD and I ate many meals there. They had a good variety in my opinion. I think you will be happy with it. I am glad you chose to go there and hope your enjoy it.


I’m sure the food court will be yummy… it’s the decor overhead that I’m not so fond of. :dry:


LOL ohh…I didn’t know what you were talking about…lololol



The POFQ Christmas decorations are amazing! They are purple, green and yellow, just like Mardi Gras, but the whole place is covered with Christmas trees and twinkling purple, yellow and green lights nad tons of bright ribbons and banners. It is spectacular!

The POR Christmas decor is country-themed, with Christmas trees covered in country-style dried fruits and decorations. Lots and lots of twinkling white lights and leafy decorated garlands all over the place! Very breathtaking!

(CBR is lovely during the spring, so its holiday stuff is probably really cool, too. We just haven’t been guests at that resort during the hliday season. Sorry. And we don;t care for CSR at all, so we haven’t gone there at Christmas, either.)


Andrea, first and foremost, children ere specially designed to spend YEARS covered in powdered sugar! It’s their natural state, and it looks good on them!!! LOL

Also, I am so happy you chose POFQ! You will love the decor there!