Christmas at WDW?


In a dilema - the in-laws want to go to WDW for Christmas 2008 (24th - 31 :ohmy: ). A christmas trip has always been on my wish list so the idea is really appealling but there are a few issues. I’ve warned them “most expensive/most crowded” time of the year.

2 Grandparents, 1 brother-in-law, DH & I + 4 adult sons (one is not really ours but generally camps out at our house and really wants to come along.)

They want to stay at the Poly, a little out of our price range:ohmy: I’m thinking FW cabin might work for our 6. I am guessing a larger villa will be as expensive and not easily available anyway. Is there a likelyhood of getting a villa that could house us all - 9?

Any suggestions or comments?


First I’d make sure they know you’re not kidding about the crowds/expense! Make sure they’ve got the hard facts on wait times- and find out what their expectations are. If they’re planning on lots of rides…eeep. If they just want to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere, that’s another thing entirely!

I think I’d enjoy Christmas- with very specific expectations about what will and will not be possible.

I don’t know anything about the FW cabins (except that I don’t think the beds look big enough! We like our King Sized beds!). Sounds like it would work for you. Have you looked into renting points? I always thought that sounded like a good idea.

Good luck!


The cabins do sleep six, but it may be cramped with all the adults in your party. I think that place is probally best with the majority being children. It’s doable of course,but I am unsure of the comfort level. That’s a lot of time to be spending in one place with all those people. Have you considered getting a string of rooms at the values? I like the idea of having a place to get away from the group…sometimes going on vacations with a large group and sleeping, eating and spending every waking moment with them isn’t what you think it is…it’s the true sense of close knit group…not apealing to me in the least, but that’s just me. Are you set on christmas week? You probally could get a better price going the week before or after…decorations are still there too for the most part of the week after and in full the week before. LEss crowds too…the week you are talking about is not only the most crowded, but also the most expensive week to go. Holiday season has it’s own pricing…up to you of course. Sorry to sound so negative, but I think you will have a more enjoyable week and less expensive week if you pick another time frame.,


We just got back form a Christmas trip and had a wonderful time. The whole trip lived up to my dreams. The only down side (and it’s minor) is that it didn’t feel like Christmas to me. Christmas day had been basically the same my whole life so doing something totally different didn’t feel like Christmas.

It did cost more to go during Christmas. The parks were more crowded than July which I didn’t think was possible but everything was so beautiful. We had a plan and got A LOT done and it wasn’t hot so the longer lines were easier (our longest wait was maybe 20 minutes).

Unless you get a Grand Villa (and they are hard to get) you can only sleep 8 in a 2 bedroom villa.


You’ve pinpointed all my concerns exactly. My vision would be an early Dec. trip but the B-I-L, who would be flying in from Hong Kong, is stuck to this week. No way I can talk him into a value, so my compromise was to be close but not too close (& less expensive). The in-laws at the Poly, DH & I and the boys in FW.

Rides aren’t the priority, the boys can stand in line, the rest of us are in for the atmosphere.

My challenge is to push them to commit early if we’re going to get what we want for booking, never mind ADR’s. 4 rooms at POR or FQ would be high on my list as an alternative.


That’s what I needed to hear. Thanks for the input.


If you are dead set on going that week, definately get a room for just your immediate family and have the rest of the group in another room or resort. While it’s nice to travel with a huge group, it’s also nice to have intimate family time or what I would like to call time away from the group. I even need that time away from DBf when he comes…lol


There is one thing I discovered during our Christmas trip, Dec 22-31.(You may already know this) Some of the parks were super crowded, 88,000 in MK and 75,000 in Epcot. We slept in, ate lunch, swam in the pool, and then headed to the parks. Waits were long but we stayed for extra magic hours every night. The parks were empty! We just walked on the rides. We were getting off of Pirates of the Caribbean at 3:05am. It was wonderful. That will definitly be our plan from now on.


That’s so funny bacause we were there at the same time and we went to the parks at open and stayed until just after lunch when the crowds got big. We went back in the evenings for some of the special activities but didn’t plan to do rides. With smart use of Fastpasses we didn’t wait in any real lines, maybe 20 minutes tops and that was waiting for shows liekth e Laugh Floor and Mickey’s Philharmagic.

Two totally different plans but both worked.:laugh:


I would think that either would work out best. Going right at open or near close (after midnight and until 3amish) would be your best bet in getting on the longer wait rides…it makes sense anyway. Learning the fast pass system tricks would be advisable too. It’s definately doable, but you have to have some kind of plan…something…not just get up and land at a park…lol


The up side to going a week earlier will be to see the Boss Mouse Parade-aganza.


A little similar though, lol we used fast pass until extra magic started, our longest wait was about 20 minutes as well. We may have been riding together, who knows.:laugh:


I haven’t done any large family trips, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
No, that’s not right. I spent 3 straight years on the road with 8 and sometimes 10 people in 2, then 3 rooms while on the road with a band (usually 3/3/2 but there were times when it was 4/4, 4/5, and 5/5). These days when I go out of town, regardless of how many people are traveling, it’s no more than 2 people per room and usually not connecting rooms either.
Space trumps togetherness!


whitba – If you are most interested in staying on property, that is a great option. If you want luxury and some elbow room at a very low price, try the Marriott Sabal Palms. You will find the prices are excellent, the resort is part of the Marriott World Center, just outside the gates!, and you will have three bedrooms, three baths, a full kitchen, full living room and dining room.

Marriott’s Sabal Palms: For a memorable vacation in Orlando

That’s the link to the website so you can check out pics!

Grande Vista also has the three-bedroom villa, but it is farther from the parks, maybe a 15 minute drive… Here is that link:

Marriott’s Grande Vista hotel room amenities and highlights in Orlando