Christmas Breakfast


What would you do for Christmas Breakfast? Anything special or anything that would be fun? Any ideas…


I think I might plan Chef Mickey’s for Christmas morning just to make it extra special.


I 2nd the chef mickeys also ohannahs… I love that place… maybe breakfast in the castle…


I love chef mickeys but something special might be crt


Chef Mickey’s vote here too!


My vote would be Chef Mickey’s or Ohana, or any character breakfast!


I wanna go for xmas…


We are going to the Princess Storybook Breakfast for Christmas breakfast. Can’t wait!


I would love to do crystal palace for chrsitmas breakfast!


Chef Mickey’s aor Crystal Palace. Both would be worth it.


Definitely a character breakfast…I vote Crystal Palace! I :heart: Chef Mickey’s too, but I think Crystal Palace is slightly more intimate…and that’s a good quality for Christmas morning! :wub:


I just made adr’s for Chef Mickey’s for Christmas morning 9:00 am. We
were not going to do any character meals this time but DW made me
change some of my choices of all the high end restaurants. Yes, she
just slapped me around and told me to cool it with all the fancy places!
Well, I guess I will with a few but not all of them!(I’m not afraid of her)
oops, here she comes!!:eek:


I would go for either Chef Mickey’s or Goofy’s Breakfast at Cape May.


We are having late xmas morning brekfast 10:30am at 1900PF. We did New year’s day there 2003 and loved it. We have been to Cape May, Crystal Palace, Donald’s in AK and found the food 1900PF the best and the Mad Hatter is a riot. DS is 15 now and we are going as a family for the holiday. He doesn’t mind the characters and I love them…(crazy mom) and DH likes them. We do not like the craziness of Mickey’s at CR and just love the whole xmas decorations at GF and it a fun way to enjoy it with out staying there(we are DVC members and are staying at OKW). We chose not to have breakfast in a park because we are problably not going to one that day. We also loved Stitch’s breakfast at Poly last december 28th. Its not a buffet, but its all you can eat of eggs, breads, potaoes, bacon ,mickey waffles, juice, coffee. Lilo, Stitch, Goofy and Mickey were there and they have kids parade frequently with the characters around the restaurant. Stitch is a riot,too.



Welcome back, Connears! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you here, I hope all is well with you and you continue to post.


Thanks…we are planning our next OKW xmas trip for 12/24-12/29/06. Just counting down and getting anxious already!


i want chef Mickey’s for christmas breakfast.


If I could do anything for Christmas breakfast (and I’m dreaming here!)

I would be staying at the WL in one of the suites and having Mickey pancakes with my kids sitting in front of one of the Mouseketrees. With hot chocolate or chocolate milk to drink, of course!

I know that eating at a character meal for breakfast would be amazing, and I couldn’t even begin to fathom what they do for it, being that it’s such a special day and all, but… I dunno. For me, I’ve always wanted to wake up Christmas morning in a log cabin, roaring fire in the fireplace, and eating pancakes in front of the tree. To complete the scene, there needs to be wrapping paper strewn around, the kids having problems deciding whether they want to eat or play with their new toys, and Carol and I just sitting back on the couch, covered up with a blanket, enjoying the scene.

That’s what I really want for Christmas.


i love chef Mickey’s in christmas time.