Christmas came early!


UPS just dropped of a package form WDW!! I did some serious damage in the Christmas shop at MK and had everything shipped to my home. I was told it would take a week but usually closer to 2 weeks so I wasn’t expecting it until next week.

I’m waiting to open it until my DH gets home so we can all go through it together. I can’t wait to see what I bought!!

Stay tuned, I’ll post pictures later.


Awesome!!! Don’t you love it when things show up early?


I do! I can’t wait to see everything, especially Nate’s ornament with the year on it.


sounds great. It always great to get new things.


Oh… I like pictures… can’t wait!!


oh fun! Can’t wait to see


Do you remember everything you bought? Sometimes I forget what I bought.


YAY! I love Disney Christmas ornaments!!! We always get a personalized ornament from the DTD Christmas Shop. We get all of our names on it and the year. Those ornaments are so special to me…and look great on our tree! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOURS! :happy:


Can’t wait to see them and share in the excitement! :happy:


Not really. I got two little trees but that’s about all I remember.

I still haven’t opened the box yet. We wanted to wait for my DH and then we’ve been in the pool all afternoon.


Can’t wait to see!:happy:


Me too!:laugh:


:laugh::laugh::laugh:Well hurry up already!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


I can’t get Nate out of the pool! he’s a little fish who would swim for days if I et him. It’s getting close to dinner time so I’m hoping his stomach will get him out soon. He’s been in for 4 hours so far. At least I have some shade and a laptop (and an afternoon drink:laugh:) so I can stand sitting here. It’s not quite StormAlong Bay but I can pretend.


Ooo, can’t wait to see the pics. I love that store.


It might be empty. LOL:laugh:




Sitting by the pool, laptop, a nice drink… sounds great to me! I’d let him swim all night…except we want to see what ya bought…:blush:


Ok, where is Mike? He’s a teacher, he doesn’t work in the summer :pinch:


Oh fun stuff!! I love Christmas stuff…I can’t wait to see the pictures.