Christmas Card Exchange again?


Hey do we plan on doing a Christmas Card exchange again this year like we did last year? I had fun doing it last year and was just wondering if we were going to do it again this year.


There are notes on this over in Chit Chat. Head on over…


Will do, thanks for the info.


Anaheim, you must pay better attention! There’s a big thread going on right now and for this year you missed the boat :crying:


I haven’t sent mine out yet - if you want one, PM me with your address. I’ll gladly send you one.


I haven’t sent mine either, so if you would like to pm me your address I would be happy to add you to my list also!


AHHH DERN IT! I never really go into the chit-chat section all to much, ARR darn me! Oh well, thats what I get, oh well…the good thing is I will live and theres always next year.


Anaheimboy, you caught me just in time, I’m mailing mine tomorrow, but PM me your address and you’ll get one too!!! The more the merrier! :mickey:


Well—I still have a few cards to write. I’d happily send you one if you want to. And the girls above want to too…send a pm. :heart:


You can PM me also, And I’ll hook you up.


yeah send your pm’s tim…


Hey, Anaheim, PM me your address and lil brer and I will be happy to send you a card. I think we have one Christmas stamp left.


Anaheim–pm me your address and HB & I will send one out to ya!!

AND, remember to keep up with Chit Chat!


Yeah, chit chat is where it all happens.


Hey. Anyone wanting to still get involved with the card exchange needs to do the following. If you are able to access chit chat, go to the thread titled “card exchange”. You then post your interest in that thread. PM the people in that thread your address and they in return can pm you theirs. This is the fastest way to get added on instead of having one person trying to getting that address to eveyone


I’m following in line, AnaheimBoy. I’m sending mine out this weekend, hopefully. So PM me your info too, and I’ll send ya one!


Pm me your addy I still have cards to send out


yep … I wondered where your name was on the list …so pm me your name/address and let me send you a card please … I was disappointed because there were a few names missing this year and I lost last years list :frowning: