Christmas Crowds


We are thinking about going home over the Christmas (2007) break. I see the crowd levels are at their worst. So tell me, how bad is it?

Are the decorations etc worth fighting the crowds?

I will trying to coordinate 3 college winter breaks as well as high school. So earlier in the month is not an option; neither is later in Jan.


I would say that since you just got back Boss, there won’t be a whole lot of pressure to ride everything and strategically plan your FP’s so that you’ll see the most attractions in the least amount of time.

Since you have just done a lot of that, this time you can go down and enjoy just being there with your family, without necessarily having to run to SM at rope drop.

If you go with that atitude you should do fine.


If you are going between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day,yes,the crowds are bad,but if you go with the attitude that you won’t see everything,it should be okay. Also,you will get to see all the shows in the MK that you have to pay for if you go to MVMCP and won’t have to pay extra to see them.


We were in the MK on Christmas Day. NEVER AGAIN!!! There were so many people that you really could not walk without touching shoulders with someone else. Epcot on Christmas Eve wasn’t too bad though. If you go with the right attitude that it is going to be VERY busy and you are ok with that, you should be fine. I am not sure about all of your schedules, but if you could get there by the 14th or 15th, you would have several days before the crowds really picked up. We arrived on the 10th of December last year and had a full 7 days before we really noticed the crowds. The decorations really are beautiful during that time of year.


It looks like college final exams go up to the 20th to the 22nd. They are then off until mid January. However, Dumb and Dumber start classes on the 3rd. I could possibly hold them out a day or two.

If we Choose to go - it will be in the thick of things. I’m cool with not seeing everything ride-wise, are the decorations and the party “All that”?


We were there for 3 weeks last christmas. The first and last weeks were great but the middle week (from 24th Dec to Jan 2nd) was mad! We just took it easy as we have seen/done most things that we wanted to do in the first week. We spent most of christmas week watching the shows and parades.

It will depend on what you want to do! If you can make the most of EMH’s then you should be OK!


You don’t need to do the party if you are going to be there Christmas week because the shows are done and you don’t have to pay extra to see them.