Christmas Day Taping?


So I just learned that on our next trip December 2-5 they are filming the Disney Christmas parade. How will this effect our plans to go to the parks? What else do I need to know. blahhhh… I wish I knew this. :blush:


You might just consider avoiding the MK during daylight hours the days they’re taping the parade.


We were there last year and really were not effected (much) by all of that. As the park opened we entered MK and were directed back stage and walked through a parking lot and re-entered the park near tomorrow land. As long as taping is taking place we found the lines at the attractions to be shorter. When we were heading toward the exit we popped out to Main St. (from the Emporium) and we were able to catch part of the parade and then get out of there before the massive crowd exited.


You have nothing to worry about. I always doubt that half the crowd that come to MK during the filming days even KNOW there’s a filming going on. A majority of all the filming is from Main Street to the Castle, so those are really the only spots of congestion. They also have detours to get people around. And the park is never really crowded on filming days.


I think it would be cool to see the parade…I’m glad it won’t cause disruption to those that don’t want to though…that would stink!

Hope you have fun!


Well, if the bulk of MK guests are watching the parade and they have Main Street detours for those that don’t want to see the parade, ride wait times will certainly be lower while they’re taping.
If so, this would be one of the few Saturdays that I’d go to the MK!


You might just consider avoiding the MK during daylight hours the days they’re taping the parade.[/QUOTE]

Exactly we were down there on time during a christmas taping… never again, it was fun for about 10 mins then the bumper to bumper traffic was getting a bit much. I did however feel bad for the performers has to do take after take… yikes.


I’ve done TV and commercials, so I know exactly how it feels to do take after take until it’s right or they’ve gotten enough coverage.
However, as Rowdy pointed out, if you bypass Main Street and just head right out to the various lands, you “should” be fine because so many people are more interested in the parade (hopefully).