Christmas Day TV Parade


Does any one know the times of the Dec. 1 - 3 Christmas Parades? I was told that Those were the days that the parade will air on Christmas Day on television. According to the newsletter, DVC members have an opportunity to actually we seen in the audience. I will be there on the 3rd. I have 7:00 res. at Chef Mickeys but would cancel for that chance to possibly be on TV at DW


The filming takes place over the entire day for the 3 days of shooting. It’s such an honor to be part of the event. Really hope I get in on that again this year.


i miss it by a week…


I’ll be there on the 3rd…just not in the parks. :crying:


Is this a special parade time? :mickey:


We’ll be there on the 3rd but 2007 maybe we’ll get lucky next year


Not really. They break it down over several days so as the guests involved will get to see other things in the park besides being an extra in the show.


This was in the Allears e-zine yesterday:

Bonnie Lock writes: My one tip would be for anyone who is thinking about going to the taping of the Christmas Parade – DON’T, unless you want to totally waste a day of your vacation. They bring the first group in and don’t make them move. The second group comes in and they are way in the back. I stood there from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and was not in any film. I even wore my red Christmas party sweatshirt and Minnie Santa hat. It was certainly hot! If you don’t want to stand around and get pushed around don’t go.


This was our experience. We were very disappointed.


If I were an AP holder going to WDW frequently, I could see doing this. But given how little time I have to see WDW, I just don’t want to spend it waiting on stuff like this.

That’s why we rarely watch parades, unless we just “happen” to be on hand for it.


We went last year. We got special passes to enter the park at a certain time/turn stile. Let me tell you…it is crazy. You spend a good portion of the day waiting around. Main Street is very crowded and you feel like you wasted the day. And chances of you being on tv are slim since there are soooo many people there. We will be at WDW over that weekend but we are going to pass on taking part in the parade taping.


How do you get into the park without going through the MainStreet congestion?


You really don’t have much choice Cavey, unless you get there when the park opens and go from there. If not, then just stick to the sidewalks, get over to the Emporium and go through the stores.