Christmas Day


Our family will be visiting WDW during Christmas 2006. We would like to go to Epoct on Christmas Day. What restaurant would you recommend for Christmas Day dinner.


I’ve never been on Christmas Day, but any day’s a good day at Le Cellier! :wub:

Oh and welcome to DC :flowers:


J’adore le Chef de France! (hehehe, I guess French class really does come in handy!) TRANSLATION: I love Chef de France! It’s such a great resturant with really yummy food! Also there is always the Rose and Crown! Hope you have fun on Christmas Day in WDW!!


I would do biergarten in the German pavilion.


OH! Have FUN!! I have no suggestions, but I hope you have an excellent time!


LeCellier is our favorite EPCOT restaurant.


I’ll bet the Rose & Crown will be dishing up a wonderful traditional English Christmas dinner! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm roasted parsnips and all! :tongue:


We can’t wait until December. I’m going with my Sister’s family and she would like to eat at L’Originale on Christmas Day. Would love to hear everyone’s experiences regarding this restaurant. Thanks,


It all depends on what you like. Knowing my family, we would be eating at the character meal in the Land area. Right now, the name escapes me, but I am sure someone here knows the name. good luck with your decision, there are so many good restaurants at Epcot.


Have to admit that Alfredo’s is not one of our favourites. I guess it’s a matter of taste - but we found the sauces so rich that they made us sick. The food overall wasn’t very good - although there was a lot of it (too much), the service wasn’t great and it was so noisy! The tables are very close together.

If you are looking at Epcot restaurants, for Christmas, my choices would be Le Cellier, Rose & Crown, Chefs de France, or Biergarten. I think they would all be much more Christmasy. And much better food.


Thanks for all our input. I’m not crazy about my sister’s choice either. We’ll have to discuss the matter further but IMHO any meal at Disney on Christmas Day is great!


The resorts actually have a decent holiday meal (at least Pop Century did) Turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings.

I guess you’d probably want to eat somewhere that’s considered nicer, but if nothing else works out, don’t sweat it too much.