Christmas Day


has anyone ever been for Christmas Day? If so what do u do about presents from santa… I would love to go at this time but dont think its a good idea till the kids are out of the santa thing.


I would be interested in knowing as well. We will be spending most of the 25th at WDW but we leave that afternoon. Any ideas for Santa would be great…


I think that santa will bring the presents on the 24… make then usefull for the trip… then open and leave… Im not sure… I think its too much… I think I would rather leave on the 26th


Santa could leave stockings in the room and a gift or two, then maybe you can have whomever is picking up your mail ‘leave’ more gifts from Santa at your home. Depending on the age of your kids, Santa could even leave a note with the stockings telling them he has more at home for them :happy:

You’d have to have everything ready to go so it would be easy for your accomplice to set up, and that person could do it anytime before you return (it doens’t have to be Christmas Eve or day).


I was thinking that but I think if the kids dont see the hotel room full they might be upset… I was thinking maybe 26th… what about thanksgiving. re the xmas decorations up for thanksgiving?


Good idea, Santa is so smart he knows how hard it would be to bring all those gifts home! Plus it would be something to look forward to when you get home!


I think I may have to look into christmas… Does WDW offer anything special that may go on??


R2G’s TR from last Thanksgiving has some photos of the Christmas decorations that were up. He would be a really good MBer to ask :happy: Check out his TR too–as I recall there were several trees up and places decorated as MVMCP starts the next week.


We’re arriving on the 23rd. I think I’m going to ship a few Christmas items (stockings, small gifts including Disney dollars, etc.) ahead of time and while DS is sleeping we’ll set up the room. We don’t want to go overboard because our trip is really the family Christmas present. But this is probably his last year believing in Santa so we want to do something fun for him.


How old are your kids? Remember…Santa is magical. He can do anything!


Well, Santa has to be at WDW for the Christmas Day parade anyways on Christmas Day, so just leave a note at home that you’ll be at WDW so come to the resort that you’ll be staying at on your way back to perform in the parade.


I also read somewhere that florist at WDW will deliver a tree to your room. It is rather expensive so we are taking window stickons, a stran of white christmas lights, and for sure stuff from Santa.