Christmas Day?


I was reading some post and see that some of ya will be in WDW on christmas day. I would love to do that but DH said that the kids should be home on christmas due to the whole santa and tree thing. How do you do it? Do you have a tree in the room? Do you make sure santa brings presents to the room? I would love to go on christmas day but I would need to convice Ed that it is a good idea


We have struggled with that same decision. We will actually be arriving the day After Christmas in 2008. We didnt want to miss out on visiting with family, Santa coming, Christmas Mass, etc.

I have read in the past that you can have a tree delivered to your room. It is really pricey though. I have also read that some people pack a smaller fake tree, lights, ornaments, etc. and put up the tree in their room on their own. That would definitely save on cash.

If we were to change our mind, and be there on Xmas… then we would take our own tree, presents, etc. with us. No way would I let my kids wake up Xmas morning without them.


Franco54 surprised his family with a Christmas tree and presents last Christmas…

I cannot find the trip report (maybe you have time to search), but I know it went well and everyone was so happy :wink:


Here is a site that you can order a Year of a Million Dreams Xmas Tree…
Very nice… but VERY expensive… to me anyway…

Christmas : Home


That is soooooooooo awsome!!! I love it!!! Will they put that up as well?? For the price they should. I dont think I could ever get my DH to agree to christmas day in Disney untill the kids are much older. I want to be there for the parade and all. I dont want to miss a trick. Besides my girls are 9 and 6 so I have some time to go untill the santa thing is over


Thats a great idea. Sure beats $395:eek:


IT is pre-assembled since it is coming from a florist and can be delivered to your resort. I am not sure how they handle it once it gets there.


I just called my DH and told him all about it and he had the nerve to ask me how much coffee I drank today:confused: I dont drink coffee:glare: I just want to be in WDW for christmas. So I told him in 4 years we will spend Christmas there so he better start saving because thats what I want to christmas. :laugh:


We are not taking any children but we are going to be there the first part of December and would love to have a Disney Christmas Tree but that is way to expensive for me. We are taking some decorations, stockings and a few presents just for us to have a special week of Christmas at WDW. We are both retail managers and vacation is not allowed at this time of the year. We both managed to both get special permission for a quick trip just this once so we are going to decorate and celebrate as there is no other Christmas trip in our future.

You could always write Santa a letter and tell him where you are going to be.


In my opinion… the price for that tree is INSANE. BUT… I guess to some people it is no big deal. I would still choose to bring my own. I would probably even let my Dkids buy a bunch of new Diseny ornaments from the shops down there to decorate it. Even doing that would be cheaper than what this florist want… JMO!!


I think that it is insane too. We always rent a car from the airport so we can always take a quick ride to the walmart and get a tree and ornaments. Im not real big on fake trees so maybe a real one. Im sure they sell them somewhere or if not get the fake and throw it away.


I do like the idea though of the Disney tree but maybe I am nuts today!! LOL…


I agree! Your like your idea about the new Disney ornaments. That would be great fun for your children.


I think the trees are very, very, nice. I love the colors & decorations. To me it is a luxury item. Maybe if I win the lottery, I will get one…:laugh: :laugh:


If I had the money I would do it!


The first time we went my kid’s were 9ds, 7dd, 5ds. I wrote two letters from Santa one for home and one for WDW. The WDW one said that he left their gifts at home under the tree because he knew they had no room on the plane. He also left them each a camera because he knew they could use them in WDW. I had my Dad put the gifts under the tree at home so when we got there they were under the tree. The funny part was when it was time to leave Disney, I was the only one crying, lol. The kids didn’t mind leaving because they wanted to see what Santa brought. We are going this year too, my kids are now 11ds, 9dd, and 7ds. I image I’ll do something similar but I’m not sure what yet. So far my 11ds still believes so I don’t want to discourage it. Good luck convincing your husband.


Thanks. I think after really thinking hard about this I may just wait till they are older and the Santa thing isnt a factor anymore.